Clyde Mulroney – In the life of Dermot Mulroney’s son


Clyde Mulroney is an actor and singer by profession. But Mulroney is better known as an actor’s son Dermot Mulroney and his first wife, also an actress Catherine Keener. Clyde’s both parents started their acting careers in the same year i.e. 1986.

By the way, did you know that Clyde’s parents split up when the star child was only 8 years old? His father has even remarried while his mother still appears to be single. So, what was the reason they got divorced?

On the other hand, Dermot’s son Clyde has had a nice relationship with his girlfriend. So, how long has the couple been together? Today, here in the article, you will get to know everything about Mulroney including his age, Instagram, college, net worth and more.

Clyde Mulroney is the first son of actors Dermot Mulroney and Catherine Keener: what is his age?

Clyde Mulroney is 23 years old as of 2022. He was born on June 21, 1999 in New York City, USA. At age 9, Clyde and his mother Catherine moved to Santa Monica, California. For a while, the famous kid spent most of his time with his mother, even when his mother had to travel for work. But after his school started, Mulroney started hanging out with his friends.

Gradually, the actress became quite safe and confident in leaving her son for work. Besides, talking about his ethnicity, Clyde is of mixed descent as his mother is English, German, Scottish and Lebanese while his father is 87.5% Irish and 12.5% ​​German.

Moreover, Mulroney is the grandchild of Michael Mulroney and Ellen B. Mulroney on his father’s side. Likewise, his maternal grandparents are Jim Keener and Evelyn Keener.

Mulroney’s Academics Qualification and College

The 23-year-old star boy attended a local high school in California for the first time. But for further studies, Clyde moved to Illinois and joined Northwestern University and graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Sciencein 2021.

Clyde Mulroney has already completed his college education
Clyde after graduating from Northwestern University

On June 15, 2021, Clyde took to his Instagram with a graduation post. Moreover, his father also attended the same university.

Clyde Mulroney shares two half-siblings

Though Clyde has no biological siblings, the promising actor is blessed with two half-siblings, Mabel Ray Mulroney & Sally Mulroney. Both his younger half-sisters were born of his father Dermot’s second marital relationship with Tharita Cesaroni.

Clyde Mulroney is the older brother of his two half-siblings
Clyde’s half-sisters and their father Dermot

Likewise, Mabel and her sister Sally are already in their teens.

Dermot Mulroney’s son is a dog person

After scrolling Clyde’s Instagram, it turns out that Dermot Mulroney’s son is also a dog lover. He often posts cute pictures of his pet on his social media handles. Also, the star child raised a dog of the boxer breed whose name becomes Slime. On February 21, 2018, Mulroney uploaded his photo along with his dog, with the caption:

“to the most perfect creature to grace the earth. we always will be together. I love you”

Clyde Mulroney really likes dogs
Clyde with his slime

Surprisingly, Slime was born on the same day as Clyde.

Both of Clyde Mulroney’s parents are actors

As we mentioned earlier, Clyde’s father Dermot and mother Catherine are both American born actors. His mother started her journey in the movie industry in 1986. Keener first appeared in the movie called About last night.

But in the early stages of her professional career, Catherine had to struggle a lot for a few years. But gradually, the actress made her own niche in the industry, playing various roles in both movies and TV shows. Some of her major acting credits include The Adam Project, No future, Peace, love and misunderstandingand Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Furthermore, the actress is known for her roles in films such as being John Malkovich, Capote, The 40-year-old virginand Out. Moreover, Mulroney’s father is best known for appearing in the romantic comedy, western, and drama films. To date, Dermot has starred in over 140 TV projects, including his pre-production films.

Clyde Mulroney is believed to be a singer by profession

Dermot’s 23-year-old son Clyde is the writer of the movie’s song “La Di Di Da” Griffin & Phoenix. In the 2009 movie Where the wild things arethe star boy is also an off-camera singer.

In addition, Mulroney has released an album named Tacoma tape from 2000 which contains a list of more than 20 songs. However, there are no further details about Clyde’s singing career.

On the other hand, Mulroney has clearly followed in his parents’ footsteps. He starred as Noah in the unreleased short film called to cure at.

His parents’ marital relationship lasted more than ten years

Clyde’s parents first met around 1987 while working together on Survival quest (1989). In 1990, Dermot and his ex-wife Catherine walked down the aisle. Their wedding took place in a very unobtrusive manner with only their close friends and family as guests.

However, after 17 years of marriage, their marital relationship ended with a divorce on December 19, 2007. According to the divorce decree obtained by Additional, the exes had irreconcilable differences. Later, they both came up with the terms of having joint custody of their child Clyde.

The following year, in 2008, Keener’s father married Italian Tharita Cesaroni. And as mentioned earlier, they also became parents to their two daughters. Moreover, Clyde’s father currently lives in Los Angeles with his family of four.

How close is Clyde to his parents?

Clyde Mulroney had lived with his mother since he was eight years old. But that doesn’t mean Clyde has no contact with his father Dermot. In fact, Mulroney shares a strong bond with both his father and mother. Mulroney also often shares screenshots of his conversation with Dermot on Instagram.

Clyde Mulroney had only lived with his mother since he was eight years old
Clyde with his actress mother Catherine

Similarly, the same can be said about his mother. He has shared many pictures of his mother on his Insta.

Is Clyde Mulroney Dating Someone? Details about his girlfriend

Clyde is currently in a relationship with a girl named Madeline Faubert. On February 15, 2020, Mulroney first posted a photo of his girlfriend Madeleine with the caption:

“Hello everyone. psa: madeleine is an absolute sweetheart and I miss her so much and wish her the best Valentine’s Day ever. keep going.”

The following year, on August 1, 2021, Clyde uploaded multiple photos of himself & his girlfriendand wrote “you are something else ♥️.”

Clyde first showed his girlfriend Madeleine Faubert in 2020 through his Instagram

However, as of 2021, Clyde does not talk much about his love life on his Instagram. Be that as it may, we wish Dermot’s first son a bright future.

How rich is Clyde Mulroney?

Clyde Mulroney is said to have a net worth of $1 million as of 2022. The 23-year-old star boy earns his wealth as a singer.

Apart from that, Mulroney’s father Dermot is estimated to have a total net worth of $11 million while his mother Catherine has $8 million in her bank account.

Details about his socials like Instagram

Many online tabloids have claimed that Clyde is not active on any social media platform. So, is it the truth? Obviously not, because Mulroney has an Instagram account under the username conductor (@dr.ilbit). He has a total follower count of almost 1k as of 2022.


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