Cleo Rose Elliott


Cleo Rose Elliott is an American model, singer and musician. She is famous as the daughter of Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross.

Speaking of her parents, Cleo’s father, Sam is an American actor who is popular for his roles in the hero, road houseand A star is born. Likewise, her mother, Katherine Ross, is an American actress famous for her performance in The Singing Nun, The Graduateand The Stepford women.

Despite being the only child of her star parents, the star child has built her own identity. She gained huge popularity after releasing her debut solo CD “No More Lies”. In addition, she once became the talk of the town because of the ugly controversy with her mother. Join us to learn more about the problem with her mother and her relationship with her parents.


Cleo Rose Elliott’s Age, Wiki, Bio, & Parents

Cleo Rose Elliott was born on the September 17, 1984, in Malibu, California. She is American and her ethnicity is white. As of 2022, she will be 38 years old.

The star child is the only biological child of the parents Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross. She is the granddaughter of Henry Nelson Elliott and Glynn Mamie Sparks. Likewise, her maternal grandparents are Dudley Ross and Katharine W. Hall.

Youth details

Cleo Rose spent her entire childhood in Malibu. Born to parents in the showbiz industry, she has always dreamed of entering the entertainment industry. Growing up, the 38-year-old was trained in the basics of singing and even learned to play various musical instruments.

Cleo Rose Elliott childhood photo with her parents
Cleo Rose Elliott with her parents during her childhood

Likewise, she even received training from the singer-songwriter Charity Chapman and the Joanne Barron/DW Brown Acting Studio. Elliott then became a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Academic Qualifications

The star kid completed her elementary education at Malibu High. She later graduated from Colin McEwan High School.

What does Cleo Rose Elliott do for a living?

As mentioned above, the 38-year-old is a singer and musician by profession. After taking classical opera singing training with Charity Champman, she became acquainted with a music producer Bobby Harby.

She immediately started recording her first song in the studio after Harby was impressed by her composition. Her debut single entitled ‘No More Lies’ was released in 2008.

Prior to her music career, Rose was also involved in modeling. She worked on a live styling show, Sexyhair, in 2003 and was eventually featured in several fashion magazines. In the year 2013, she posed for The Malibu Times along with her parents.

Career highlights of her star parents

Cleo’s father Sam Elliott is a big name in the Hollywood film industry. He has been contributing to the acting field since 1966. He made his debut as an uncredited role of Missouri Townsman in the 1967 film, The road to the west.

He ended up appearing in some episodes of TV shows such as: The Felony Squad, Land of the Giants, the FBI., and Lancer. From 1970 to 1971, he came into the limelight as Dough Robert in the Mission: Impossible series.

Sam finally got his break by portraying the role of Gar in the biographical drama film Mask (1985) starring Cher, Eric Stoltzand Laura Dern. His other notable acting credits include: Family man, road house, The Big Lebowski, the heroand A star is born. He would give his voice to the character Ward Hill Lamon in the upcoming documentary, The address of Gettysburg.

Rose Elliott’s mother Katherine Ross is an American actress who was an actress in the acting field between 1962 and 2019. She began her professional journey in a stage production of King Lear. During her years of struggle in the industry, she appeared in some episodes of TV shows such as Omnibus, The great adventure, Wagon Trainand gunsmoke.

In 1965Cleo’s mom finally made her film debut as Ann in the movie Shenandoah. She was later appreciated for her performance in The Singing Nun, Mister Buddwing, The Longest Hundred Miles and Games.

Her breakthrough role was as Elaine Robinson in the 1967 film The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman, Murray Hamiltonand Elizabeth Wilson. In the comedy-drama, she played the role of the daughter of Anne Bancroft’s character, for which she earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The romantic comedy-drama film became a big hit with $104.9 million (North America) and $85 million (worldwide) on a budget of $3 million.

Her parents relationship

Cleo Rose’s parents Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have been married since 1984. The couple exchanged wedding vows in a private ceremony on May 1.

In 1969 Cleo’s parents met on the set of the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Her father was one of the main cast while her mother had a very minor role. Being in the same industry, the duo reunited again when they both starred in the film, The Legacy.

Musician Cleo Ross is the only biological child of Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross
Cleo Rose’s parents, Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross

Elliot and Ross knew each other on set and began dating that same year in 1978. The couple currently lives in Pacific Coast, Malibu. They bought the 3,860-square-foot 3-bath, 3-bathroom ranch for $4,198,700 in the 1970s. They also own an estate in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, followed by ownership of Sam’s childhood home in northeast Portland after his mother’s death in 2012.

Is Cleo Rose Elliott currently married?

Cleo Rose is currently not married. She once had a relationship with a video maker Randy Christopher Bates. According to sources, the couple started dating in the year 2013. At the time, her boyfriend Bates made their affair public by posting a photo of them on Instagram. He uploaded numerous photos tagging the star as his “fiance”.

The Elliott Family with Cleo's Fiance, Randy Christopher Bates
Cleo and her fiancé, Randy Christopher Bates with her parents.

After their engagement, the duo appeared together at numerous events and award shows. Elliott’s former fiancé seems close to her entire family as he attended the 2019 Oscar Award while walking the red carpet with her parents.

Unfortunately that was the last time we saw them together. The couple has not been seen together since then and there is no news of the couple canceling their engagement or planning their wedding.

Why did Cleo Rose Elliott stab her mother Katherine Ross? What was the reason behind the violent act?

People may not believe it, but the star child once almost killed her own mother. Cleo has a peaceful relationship with her father, but with her mother it is the exact opposite.

The celebrity child was reportedly abusive during her childhood. When she was 12 or 13, her mother revealed that she became violent and nearly killed her. Although she verbally and emotionally abused Katherine as a child, she had never attacked her before.

In March 2011, Cleo began to mutter in anger, “I want to kill you,” and kicked the closet door. Ross was scared, so she tried to call the police for help when her own daughter cut the telephone wire with scissors.

Cleo Rose Elliott and mother, Katherine Ross
Cleo Rose Elliott is the only child of Sam Elliott and Katherine Ross.

Rose Elliott threatened to injure her in the eye with the scissors, but she later lost control of herself and… stabbed her mother six times in the right arm. After the terrible incident, the actress applied for a protection order. While writing the restraining order, she issued a statement saying:

“Cleo stabbed with enough force to pierce my skin through my shirt, leaving me with marks that are still visible today.”

During the hearing of the case, the court ordered the star child to keep at least 100 meters away from her mother’s home, workplace and car. However, the reason behind Elliott’s violent behavior towards her mother is not public.

How is their relationship now?

Cleo and Katherine’s relationship seems to be getting better from now on. They regularly perform in public and attend various award shows and events.

The mother-daughter duo took to the red carpet of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival together for the film The Hero. At the time, Rose Elliott was asked about her parents and she replied that they are very talented and that she is very proud of them.

The star child again hinted that her relationship with her mother was improving when she attended the premiere of A Star is Born with her mother in September 2018. Both laughed and had a gala time at the 91st annual Academy Awards.

What is Cleo Rose Elliott’s Net Worth?

Cleo Rose Elliott earns a good amount of money through her singing and modeling career. She reportedly owns a net worth of $200,000 in 2022.

On the other hand, the star child also enjoys the $25 million net worth of her star parents. Her mother, Katherine Ross, has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Likewise, her father Sam Elliott is worth $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.