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Chudney Ross is a children’s author, entrepreneur, teacher and TV presenter better known as the daughter of Diana Rossthe ex-singer of the singing group The Supreme, and her ex-husband/music manager, Robert Ellis Silberstein.

The Is no mountain high enough? singer, Diana’s daughter, Chudney, is the founder of a mobile literacy enrichment program, Books and Cookies. Her business focuses on bringing children’s bedtime stories to life and building a community around literacy.

Read extensively about this daughter of Diana Ross; how was her upbringing; her career, her husband, her children and even the collapse of her wealth.


Who is Chudney Ross’ father?

The entrepreneur/writer, Chudney Ross, full name, Chudney Lane Silberstein, was born in Nov 1975. She reportedly grew up in Greenwich Connecticut.

Chudney’s father is the music business manager Robert Ellis Silberstein. Her parents, Diana Ross and Robert were married from 1971 to 1977. When the ex-couple had three daughters together, Rhonda, Tracee and Chudney.

The now 47-year-old children's author Chudney Ross as a high school student.
The Baby Love singer, Diana Ross’ daughter, Chudney Ross, as a high school student. Twitter

Ross is a graduate of Georgetown University, Washington DC (1993 – 1997), where she earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English and Fine Arts.

All of Chudney Ross’s siblings are famous, including Tracee Ross

Almost all of Chudney’s siblings, including her half-siblings, are in the entertainment industry in one way or another. Both the Connecticut-born businesswoman’s parents, Diana and Robert, have several other children from each of their other partners, except when they were husband and wife.

Chudney Ross sisters parents
From left to right Evan, Ross, Diana, Rhonda, Tracee and Chudney.

Diana has two more sons (Chudney’s half-brothers), Ross Naess and Evan Rosso both born from the mahogany singer’s former marriage to her late ex-husband, Arne Naess Jr. Ross is a nightclub owner in LA, while Evan is an actor known for his work in The hunger Games.

Chudney’s other siblings include: Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Tracee Ellis Ross; the sisters, including Chudney herself, are the three daughters Diana had when she was the wife of Robert Silberstein. Chudney is the youngest of Rhonda and Tracee.

Tracee Joy Silberstein Chudney Ross.
The High Note actress Tracee Ellis Rose with her sister and children’s book businesswoman, Chudney Ross. Getty

As mentioned, Chudney’s older sister, Tracee Ellis Ross, is known for portraying Dr. Rainbow Johnson in the ABC comedy series, blackish. The eldest sister, Rhonda, is like her mother a singer and actress.

Who is Chudney Ross married to?

46-year-old Ross is married to Joshua Faulkner. Faulkner and the daughter of Billboard chart-topper married in 2015. The couple exchanged vows in Maui, Hawaii.

Together the duo has two children, Callaway Lane and Everlee.

Chudney with her daughters, Callaway and Everlee.
Diana’s daughter, Chudney with her and Faulkner’s children, Callaway, and Everlee. Instagram

The couple had their first child, Calloway Lane, in September 2012. They also had their other daughter and their youngest, Everlee, in late 2019.

Ross Husband first saw his future wife on Facebook

It was Chudney’s husband, Joshua Faulkner, who had first seen Diana’s daughter. Faulkner spotted the Grammy winner’s daughter as she scrolled through his Facebook feed and pushed up one of his friends’ photos.

Along the way, his friend on Facebook happened to have a photo of Chudney, after which Faulkner became addicted. Joshua and Chudney eventually met in person for a cocktail through their mutual friend.

They started their conversation at a loud bar and gradually became comfortable with each other. Interestingly, Chudney asked Joshua to let her touch his face during their first meeting. Faulkner remembered that and once said the gesture was weird.

He added that his future wife petted him on their first date. As for Chudney, she mentioned how handsome her partner was when they first met and how rare it was in LA to find a gentleman like him. She explained by touching his face, she wanted to know if he was real.

The artist’s daughter and Faulkner would then date for a few years before the latter asked Diana’s daughter to marry. By this time, however, the couple were already parents to their first child, Callaway.

In fact, Joshua got down on his knees before their daughter.

“Callaway handed me a box wrapped in a drawing she had made. When I looked up again, Joshua was on his knee and asked if I wanted to be his wife,’

said the mother of two Indoor Weddings. Foresight, it was also Chudney’s birthday. The youngest daughter of the ex-Motown performer said the proposal was perfect.

Chudney Ross had a Hawaiian wedding

Before their wedding, the couple always had a destination wedding in mind. The couple said during an interview that since they had attended several weddings and liked them all, they wanted one for themselves too.

Chudney explained that at these types of weddings, couples can spend more time with family and friends.

“It’s like summer camp with everyone you know, but celebrating love!”

Ross also mentioned how easy it was for herself and her then-fiance Joshua to choose Hawaii as the location. For the couple, the island had sentimental values ​​from the start, as their first big trip together was to Maui.

Chudney also found out she was pregnant with Faulkner’s baby while traveling with her singer mother to Ohau. For the big day, the couple plans the event in Hawaii’s most suitable weather, keeping the details in mind for the comfort of their family and friends.

Chudney confessed that it was quite difficult for them to find the vacant property for the wedding. They eventually got the Montage Kapalua Bay.

Children's book author and entrepreneur, Chudney Ross with her then-groom and now husband, Joshua Faulkner.
The Love Child singer, Diana Ross’ son-in-law, Joshua Faulkner with his then-bride, now-wife, and children’s book entrepreneur, Chudney Ross. Rebecca Walker, Lippke Studios

The famous daughter and her artist mother Diana made most of the planning. Chudney’s sister, Tracee, helped her sister with the bridal wear.

Diana presided over Chudney and Faulkner’s marriage, as she had also served as the civil servant to her two sons, Evan and Ross Naess. Chudney’s groom, Joshua, wore a white linen suit that he paired with a contrasting kukui nut shell.

Chudney career in detail

The youngest daughter between Diana and her ex-husband, Robert, Chudney, chose to stay away from the cameras. She went instead the entrepreneurial path.

After graduating from Georgetown, Ross became a teacher with AmeriCorps’ Teach for America program. She would teach in elementary school for years.

During that time, she developed a love for children’s literature and that, along with her advocacy of children’s causes, motivated her to start her first company, “Books and Cookies,” a children’s bookstore in Santa Monica.

It is also an enrichment center and event space. Chudney initially started Books and Cookies as a children’s bookstore, children’s cafe and enrichment center. However, the project would later become a mobile venture. Meanwhile, the Endless Love singer’s daughter travels LA with her team, sharing energetic and interactive story times for the kids.

Chudney’s fascination with books also led her to write a middle-aged children’s book, Lone Bean, also her first book, from the HarperCollins publishing house.

Furthermore, the Greenwich resident is also Chief Kid Officer at The Jane Club. It is a space Chudney has created for children to learn, play and grow with their mothers who work 9 to 5 jobs.

She has worked for a number of series

In the past, Chudney was also a producer and production manager for TV series such as Enchanted (2004), Livin’ Large (2002) and Fame (2003). However, she never appeared in front of the camera as an actress or in any other form.

Chudney Ross is very active on Instagram

The owner of Books and Cookies, Ross turns out to be definitively active on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; with the singer’s daughter being the most present on the first.

The profile of the wife and mother on the image sharing levers usually features images of her outdoor activities, numerous glimpses of her daughters and her husband, and every now and then her actress sisters, her famous mother, and others make an appearance. . She also throws some TBT moments on her IG and of course the promotions of her books.

Is Chudney as rich as her mother, Diana Ross; What is her net worth?

As one of the ex-members of the world’s best-selling girl groups of all time and the only female artist to have had number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist, Chudney’s mom is unsurprisingly wealthy with a net worth of over $200 million.

Given that quote versus the bedtime storyteller’s less famous career compared to her mother’s grand legacy; it would be a bit far fetched to claim that Chudney has almost as deep a pocket as her super-rich mom.

Nevertheless, assuming she is an entrepreneur and a moderately successful one, it can be safe to say that Ross at least has net worth somewhere in the neighborhood of six figures or possibly even millions.


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