Christine Gacy – What happened to John Wayne Gacy’s daughter?


Christine Gacy is the only daughter of the late serial killer John Wayne Gacy and his first wife Marilyn Myers. Her late father subsequently raped, tortured and murdered approximately 33 teenage boys and young men. All of the brutal murders were committed in his ranch-style home.

In addition to the terrible crime of Christine’s father, we will also talk about her own personal life, such as her current whereabouts. What is Christine’s daughter doing now? Has Gacy performed in public so far?

To find all the answers to your questions, let’s take a look at the following details about Christine, the daughter of the Killer Clown.

Christine Gacy mostly stayed with her mother during her childhood: information about her early life, parents and age

Christine Gacy was born in 1967 in Iowa, United States. As of 2022, she is 54 years old. Before Christine’s birth, her parents John Wayne Gacy and Marlynn Myers also shared a son named Michael Gacy in 1966.

Expanding on her family details, her paternal grandparents are John Stanley Gacy & Marion Elaine Robinson. However, the details of her maternal grandparents are yet to be revealed.

Christine Gacy's parents
Christine’s parents with their child

Nevertheless, when Christine turned 1 year old, her father was accused of rape. Later, Gacy’s father was sentenced to ten years in prison at Anamosa State Penitentiary in Iowa. Therefore, Christine and her brother were raised under the care of their mother Marlynn.

Christine’s father John Wayne Gacy had a miserable childhood

The wicked killer in America’s history was born into a family of violence. Born March 17, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, Gacy endured a brutal early life at the hands of his own father.

In addition, Christine’s grandfather was an alcoholic and a real wild animal. According to her aunt Karen, he used a razor blade to hit them. She said,

“My father often called John a sissy. And he wasn’t a happy drunk – sometimes he turned into a mean drunk, so we always had to be very careful.

In the end, the daily physical abuse made John think he was incompetent as a son.

Christine Gacy’s mother and father were only married for five years

After the most notorious killer graduated from Northwestern Business College, he met his future wife Marlyn Myers while working together at a Springfield, Illinois menswear store called Roberts Brothers. Nine months after staying in a relationship, in 1964, the couple decided to walk down the aisle. But their wedding ceremony did not take place with dozens of guests, as it was quite a low-key type.

Initially, John led a peaceful life as the manager of one of the KFC branches. Later, the father of two purchased three KFC restaurants in Waterloo, Iowa. And it was also the time when he earned his father’s apology.

In addition to his then-thriving restaurant business, the marital life John had shared with his wife Myers also thrived in raising two children together. However, a few years into their marriage, their marital relationship slowly began to fall apart.

Despite having a perfect family, Christine’s father actually hid his true self. According to her aunt Karen,

“John had to be extra careful because he had a secret: he was attracted to men. He hid this part of himself from his family and from his father. But John found an outlet for his desires. Once, while working as a mortuary assistant in Las Vegas, he lay with the body of a dead teenage boy.

Although John was able to keep it a secret, he could not contain his desire and was accused of sexually assaulting two teenage boys in the late 1960s and was sent to prison for the same reason in December 1968. On the same day of Gacy’s sentencing, his ex-wife Marlynn also filed for divorce from her then-husband.

Christine Gacy never saw her father in her childhood
Christine’s father John during his first captivity

But, Marlyn said later The New York Time she had a hard time believing that her late husband John was gay and that he had never been violent towards any of us. He was a “good father” instead.

Anyway, their divorce was finalized on September 18, 1969, and Marlynn was awarded full custody of their two children, Christine and Michael Gacy. From then on, the serial killer never saw his children again.

After his release, Gacy married Carole Hoff in 1972 and divorced in 1976.

Christine’s father John Wayne Gacy started murdering teenage boys in 1972

As mentioned above, John was first found guilty in 1967 of sexually assaulting 15-year-old Donald Voorhees Jr. After being paroled from prison, he soon started a part-time construction company, PDM Contractors.

His business referred to painting, decorating and maintenance. Meanwhile, he began luring men from Chicago’s Greyhound bus station, Bughouse Square, to his house with the promise that they would provide jobs in PDM.

Speaking of his horrible criminal history, Christine’s father killed John first 16 year old teenage boy Timothy Jack McCoy. In the early hours of the morning, Timothy waited for a bus at Chicago’s Greyhound Bus Station to return to his father’s house after a Christmas break. The serial killer called McCoy near his car and approached him with an offer of a Chicago sightseeing tour.

He then took the teenager to his house with the promise that he could stay there overnight and drive him back to the station the next morning to catch his bus. The next day, according to Gacy, he saw McCoy standing in his bedroom doorway holding a kitchen knife.

Christine Gacy's father started killing since 1972
Timothy Jack McCoy

John thought Jack was coming to attack, so he wrestled him to the ground and then repeatedly stabbed McCoy in the chest. When he went to his kitchen, much to his surprise, McCoy was actually making him breakfast. At the time, however, he thought to himself that death was the ultimate thrill.

For years, police officers failed to find John guilty of multiple murders

In all, the notorious criminal John murdered about 33 young men and boys. Among them, 26 were buried in the crawlspace of his home, some outside his home, and four were disposed of in the Des Plaines River.

Christine Gacy
Christine’s father John was all over the news in 1982

After 16-year-old Robert Piest went missing, the Des Plaines Police Department sprang into action. They also found out that John was the last person Piest saw. So the police got suspicious of Gacy, which led them to search his house after getting a search warrant.

During the investigation, the police came across several pieces of evidence that belonged to the missing. So said the police chief Joe Kozenczak Inside edition,

“We found other identification pieces that belonged to other young male individuals and it didn’t take long to see that there was a pattern here that the identifications belonged to people missing from the Chicago metro area,”

Finally, after several investigations, the police discovered 29 dead bodies in the crawl space under John’s house. At his trial, the serial killer confessed that the total number of murders was 33.

And in 1981, the serial killer/father of Christine Gacy was sentenced to death and on May 10, 194 was executed by lethal injection at the Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill.

Where is Christine Gacy now?

So far, neither Christine nor her brother Micheal have made a single public appearance. Their aunt Karen also told Oprah that when she tried to send them gifts, everything was returned. That’s why Christine’s whereabouts have become something to wonder about.


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