Chloe Roma; Has she been arrested? Who is her husband?


Chloe Roma or Chloe Sutherland is a self-proclaimed socio-political advocate with a focus on male gender and a podcast host of her show called The man cave of Roma. She is also a YouTuber with about 1.24 million subscribers on her channel. However, her popularity is a mixture of fame and some support. But in her case, the former seems to be more common. In recent years, she has probably become the most censored advocate on social media.

Her dismissive attitude towards feminists has also made her one of the most controversial TikTok stars. In fact, Roma is one of the most controversial emerging personalities on modern social media. From day one, many feminists have berated her for her views on men’s rights.

Roma says she has also faced a host of allegations, all of which she believes to be false. Read about it in detail here, alongside more facts about her life, including her suicide attempt and who her current boyfriend/husband is.

Chloe Roma was abandoned at birth

Back in April 2021, Chloe, through her TikTok videoshared some details about her birth and childhood in about a minute.

The tattooed TikTok star revealed via a captioned short video that her biological parents left her in the hospital right after giving birth. She then spent the first two years of her life in an orphanage until a family adopted her. In the video, Chloe said she then continued to receive horrible and inhumane treatment from her adoptive mother. In addition, her adoptive brother would start molesting her when she was 4 years old.

Romanian-born Canadian social media personality Chloe Roma or Chloe Sutherland
The 25-year-old men’s rights advocate and banned TikTok star, Chloe Roma

Men’s advocate Chloe further revealed that she ran away when she was nine years old, after which Social Services took her in. The Romanian-born social media personality subsequently spent her entire childhood with them.

Growing up, Chloe admitted to being a meth addict and having ties to a gang in which she was harassed by other girls and women.

The raven black millennial moved to Canada in 1999 and now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Roma said in the video of her childhood that she refused to let her past define her present.

Roma was born on June 1, 1997, in Romania. The now 25-year-old Gemini is part Romanian and part Greek. She’s still somehow close to her mom according to one of her TikTok shorts, but it’s unclear if it’s her biological or adopted.

Chloe Roma is in a relationship with a musician; Has a child with him

Roma is currently dating a musician and singer named Callum, who also goes by the alias callum.xoxox. Chloe’s partner lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, presumably with his social media girlfriend. Callum is also a celebrity with over 100,000 streams on Spotify. He once also had a considerable reach on Youtube with more than 300,000 subscribers. However, the account no longer exists. YouTube says the platform has terminated Callum’s channel due to multiple or serious violations of their policies that prohibit content that contains motivation to harass, bully or threaten.

Chloe Roma with her friend and musician Callum
Chloe with her partner Callum

While it is unclear when Chloe and Callum started their relationship, according to some social media posts, the two began their affair sometime in the summer of 2020. As such, on July 7, 2021, Chloe shared on one of her old Facebook accounts an image of her hand holding a man’s hand with a caption that read:

Almost 1 year with you. He knows who he is and he has made me a better person. FACTS

Chloe and Callum have appeared on each other’s Instagram and other social media accounts several times.

The couple is also the parents of a child Chloe welcomed on February 23, 2022. Roma announced the pregnancy trip on her Instagram @romaarmy_mensrights in August 2021.

Chloe also has a daughter from her previous relationship

In addition to her child with Callum, Chloe also has a daughter from a previous relationship. Together with her ex-partner, Roma gave birth to her first child, Hosanna.

YouTuber Chloe Roma with her daughter Hosanna
Former TikTok star and gender rights advocate Chloe Roma with her daughter (Hosanna) from her previous relationship

In one of her YouTube videos, Chloe said that a group of very determined women from all over the US and Canada had made false accusations about her. According to Roma, they did all this in an attempt to separate her from her child and lock her up in social services.

Roma are also often accused of being child caretakers.

Chloe Roma’s daughter’s father once tried to kill her

It’s unclear who is the father of Chloe’s first child, but she once mentioned that he is part or all Jamaican. It is also unknown how long Roma and her daughter’s father had a relationship. What is known is that their togetherness did not end on good terms.

In January 2021, Chloe revealed her daughter’s father once tried to kill her with a metal baton. Roma said this happened sometime in early 2018. When she revealed all this, Roma also said, she then lived in the same city as her child’s father.

Chloe Roma attempted suicide by drug overdose

Roma on September 27, 2020, uploaded a video on her YouTube channel, sharing an account of her suicide attempt that happened a few weeks ago in the same month. In a confessional video, the Youtuber with more than 1 million followers said she left her house with a huge bottle of prescription pills before the accident. Sometime after that, she overdosed on pills marketed as proprovian.

I took them so much and by the time I got to the hospital it was too late.

said the Canadian local.

Roma revealed that she took more than 80 pills and later during the recovery period she started having seizures and convulsions that were so bad that she loosened her jaw. She said her bladder was closed due to organ failure. According to the 25-year-old, the sequelae were lung failure, brain damage and memory loss.

Of course there were backslashes on this one too. Many people claimed that Chloe’s story of an attempted suicide was a lie and that she instead overdosed on drugs that wasn’t intentional.

Roma had banned several of her social media accounts, including Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram

In January 2021, Roma said in one of her YouTube videos that she lost 9 TikTok accounts due to the censorship. She also revealed that she lost two Instagram handles. She had also just received a permanent ban on Facebook at the time.

Former orphan from Romania and now a Canadian citizen Chloe of Roma Army
Romanian-Canadian social media star Chloe Roma born in 1997

Also in December 2022 around 6pm, Chloe revealed via her Twitter that TikTok had just given her a lifetime ban. She explained that it was probably because of the massive reports feminists made about her videos. However, it wasn’t the first time Roma was cut off from TikTok. She initially had a main account, @roma_greek_goddess, which TikTok initially deactivated. After that, Chloe used a backup account @imnotromaarmy.


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