Bernita Landry: unknown details about Troy Landry’s wife


Bernita Landry is the wife of the most popular gator hunter Troy Landry. Her husband is widely recognized as The king of the swamp for his outstanding performances as a cast member of the American reality shows Swamp people.

Bernita has been married to her popular husband Troy since 1981. As of now, they have been in a marital relationship for more than four decades. Well, since they have been life partners for so long, does the couple share children? Besides, what does Bernita do for a living?

Today we are talking about the personal and professional life of Troy’s wife Bernita Landry. Check out the article below to know it in detail.

Who is Bernita Landry? Know her age and early life

As said before, Bernita is the wife of the hunter Troy Landry. She was born Bernita Acremont 16th of July, 1958, in the United States of America. As of 2023, Bernita is 64 years old.

Furthermore, she was raised by her father Bernie Joseph Acremontreportedly a former US Marine, and her mother Nadia Empty Acremont. Landry grew up with her brother Chris Anthony Acremont. In terms of education, she attended Patterson High School.

Moreover, she belongs to white ethnic background and is American by nationality.

Career Details: What Does Bernita Landry Do?

Talking about her career, the wife of Troy Landry, Bernita is a publicist on the History channel in which the American TV show Swamp people is broadcast. Furthermore, she also helps her husband in running his crawfish business.

Before becoming a publicist, she worked as an elementary school teacher.

Bernita Landry is Troy Landry’s wife; They have been married for more than four decades

Bernita walked down the aisle with her husband Troy 26th September, 1981. Leading up to 2023, they’ve been married for more than four decades, and yet the couple, who grew up together, share a strong bond with each other.

Bernita Landry has been married to her husband for over four decades
Bernita Landry with her husband Troy.

From their four decades of married life, the couple has built a beautiful family together. They conduct their marriage gracefully without any internal conflict. The lovebirds also share some of their moments together on their social media account. Several years ago, on her birthday, her partner Troy shared a beautiful photo of her holding a grandchild and wrote:

“I want to wish my wife a happy happy birthday. What a day. All the grandchildren are here. We wish Lil Maddie could be here too. What a special treat.’

At present, the couple is the parent of three handsome sons and grandparents of their beautiful grandchildren.

Bernita’s husband Troy is from The Ancestor Of Hunters: His Short Biography

Her famous husband Troy was born into a family of hunters June 9, 1960 in Pierre Part, LA.

Bernita Landry's husband is a hunter
Bernita Landry’s husband Troy Landry

As of 2023, Troy is 62 years old. As for his link to the hunter’s ancestors, he agrees said,

gator hunting is something I grew up with. People ask me, “How did you get into that?” I didn’t roll into it, I grew up with it.

He said hunting has been a way of life in his family for generations. In this regard, he stated,

it’s something my grandpa and my uncles used to do. My father was a commercial fisherman, he hunted alligators, but my father was more of a shrimp fisherman and a catfish fisherman.

Troy also explained that back then his ancestors only hunted animals for meat, but today the purpose of hunting has changed.

Her husband had surgery in 2022; What happened to Troy Landry?

In May 2022, Bernita’s wife, Troy, underwent surgery to remove his prostate gland. He battled prostate cancer for a while and eventually got rid of the cancer with surgery. Regarding his health, his son Jacob gave a live health update on Facebook saying:

“I just wanted to keep everyone up to date about Dad. He is back home and feeling much, much better. For those of you who don’t know, he had prostate cancer and they removed his prostate. Everything looks good.”

Bernita Landry is a mother of three sons; What are her children doing?

Bernita has two sons named along with her husband Troy Jacob Landry and Pursue Landrywhile she is the mother of her eldest son from her previous relationship Brandon Landry aka Brandon Hotard. By profession, all her children work in hunting.

Bernita Landry is a mother
Bernita Landry with her sons and husband

Her firstborn son Brandon, 43, is not very passionate about hunting. He sometimes appears with his two daughters on weekends to hunt. Although he is not much into hunting, he appeared as a cast member in Swamp people until 2014. In the same year, he left Swamp People and took a new job at Conyard Shipyard, which also caused a rumor of his death to surface in the media. But it was later discovered that the person named Brandon Landry who died was not Bernita and Troy’s son, but another person with the same name.

Her middle son Jacob, 37, also played along Swamp peopleand her youngest son Chase, 33, is a crocodile hunter like his father Troy.

Landry’s youngest son, Chase, was arrested in 2017

In 2016, Chase was arrested for shooting at another boat while hunting gators. As for his arrest warrant, a person named Nellie tweeted,

‘Swamp People’ Star Chase Landry MIA for trial, warrant issued

#1 Don’t shoot a boat #2 Don’t miss the court date

However, his case was later hidden and now he lives his life freely. Like his father, he is also a well-known TV personality.

Landry is a grandmother

All three of Bernita’s sons are now married and have children. From her eldest son, she has two grandchildren named Ryan and Miley Hotard. She is also the grandmother of the children of his son Jacob Ridge Adam Landry and Kase Landry.

Bernita Landry is grandmother
Bernita Landry with one of her grandchildren

Likewise, she has a granddaughter Riley Blake LandryChase Landry’s daughter who is now 5 years old.

Bernita is on Facebook; Information about her current residence

The hunter’s wife has an account on Facebook, but she is not very active on it. She last used her Facebook in February 2020. On her Facebook, she shared her family photo and a video, probably of her grandson.

Further, about her current place of residence, Bernita lives with her husband in Pierre Part, Louisiana, according to the information on her Facebook.

Bernita Landry’s Net Worth

She reportedly has an estimated net worth of $1 million. But when we talk about her family’s net worth, the entire Landry family has a fortune of $2 million. No doubt they made a lot of money from their hunting business.


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