Ava Rose – TikTok @avarxseee star with over 1.4 million followers



Who is Ava Rose?

Ava Rose was born on October 11, 2003 in Canada and is a social media personality, best known for gaining huge fame on the TikTok platform. She mainly posts short videos, including lip-sync videos and short videos similar to the now-defunct platform Vine. Since accession TikTok in early 2019 she has become one of the most recognized personalities on the site.

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Ava Rose’s net worth

As of the beginning of 2020, Ava Rose’s net worth is estimated to be over $100,000, earned through a short but successful online career. Her popularity has led her to numerous opportunities, including modeling projects and partnerships.


Early life and online career

Ava Rose grew up in Canada – her life was mostly quiet and out of the spotlight during her childhood. At the age of 15, she started using the TikTok app, creating her own account and posting videos. She quickly gained popularity thanks to her attractive looks and entertaining videos. She often made videos with lip sync and others showing her love for dancing. Sometimes she put in a little more effort, but the overall appeal of her channel was her looks coupled with her consistent uploads that attracted the majority of the site’s audience, mostly teens.

By the end of 2019, the number of followers had grown to 1.2 million and just a few months later to over 1.5 million. This fame has also translated to other websites such as Instagram where she often posted similar content, although the difference is that it is mostly pictures of herself. Her popularity has led her to collaborate with several professional photographers.

A history of TikTok

TikTok is a short video website where users can post videos showcasing their talents, comedy shorts or lip sync videos.

The owner of TikTok – ByteDance – is based in Beijing, China, and has been present in the Chinese market for some time under the name Douyin. However, due to strict Chinese censorship laws, a separate app has been created for the international audience. Since its inception, it has become one of the most downloaded websites, especially in Asia and the US. It is available in 150 markets and ranked as the 7th most downloaded app of the decade from 2010 to 2019.

The US version of TikTok grew out of another popular service called Musical.ly, a service also developed in China but gaining popularity in the western world.

Like TikTok, musical.ly allowed users to lip sync videos. At the height of its popularity, it had over 90 million registered users and hosted a few social media stars named Musers. However, the site was acquired by ByteDance in 2017, which led to the transition. Uncertain about the transition, many of the former Musical.ly stars took to other established platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

The TikTok audience

There was another popular short video platform called Vine, known for its comedic clips and lip sync.

Ava Rose

Owned by Twitter during its peak, the service was the most popular and relatively unrivaled in terms of massive popularity. It began to integrate well into the modern culture of the time, creating a phenomenon. However, the app abruptly stopped working after being acquired by Twitter, leading to its eventual closure. Many popular Vine users, unlike those from Musical.ly, saw TikTok as the next best thing to do and started posting videos there. This led to an exodus of former Vine followers who now went to TikTok’s new land and followed their favorite content creators.

To date, studies have shown that the majority of the site’s users are under the age of 30; one of the reasons for its impact is due to the influence it has on a younger audience. Its popularity was even noticed by companies, who started using the platform to grab the attention of the younger audiences. Subcultures also started to emerge from the site as apart from the usual comedy or music videos, there are now TikTok accounts dedicated exclusively to pets, film, art and much more.

Ava Rose Now and the future

Ava Rose seems content to be in the position of being one of the platform’s rising stars.

She has yet to reach the peak of TikTok as premiere users have more than 20 million followers. While she’s had a few gigs as a model, it hasn’t yet gotten her off the job enough to label herself as a professional model. She is not yet signed to an agency and prefers to post on TikTok several times a day. While this is currently the case, many of the platform’s top stars have found success in their respective careers, with some acquiring acting jobs and collaborations with major companies.

While Ava doesn’t talk much about her life outside of the platform, she is believed to be single. Though she has expressed her interest in romance through a number of videos, she has not been seen with any potential partner, only taking videos with her siblings. At 16, she’s also still young, so probably not focused on finding a serious romance. She is also likely to complete her education, above all else.