AustinShow opened up about being gay on its Twitch channel


It’s June, which can only mean one thing: it’s Pride month. While most people celebrate the colorful month by posting rainbow hashtags and story rings on social media sites, other people choose to reflect on their coming out experiences. AustinShow, a Twitch channel, took to Twitter on June 1, 2022 to celebrate the second anniversary of his coming out.

“Happy Pride to all my LGBTQ+ friends!” “This month, I’m celebrating two years of being publicly gay,” the streamer said.

He wasn’t happy with his sexuality or telling anyone he was gay for the first 25 years of his life, but now he was happy to share it with everyone. He also sent a heartfelt message to his LGBTQ+ family. “You are valid and cherished no matter who you are.” His friends and followers showered him with affection and in a subsequent tweet he thanked everyone for their well wishes.

AustinShow opens up about being gay

AustinShow made its formal debut in April 2020 through its Twitch Livestream and Twitter. The streamer initially didn’t feel the need to come out and talk about his sexuality publicly, but after visiting Reddit, he understood that there were misunderstandings about him. Because he lied about his identity, Reddit users assumed he was lying. To the uninitiated, AustinShow was formerly known as Rajj Patel, despite not being his real name.

However, he left his online character in 2020 after acknowledging it was inappropriate and hurtful to the Indian community. “People on Reddit said, ‘Well, you know, he’s been pretending to be an Indian for years, so I guess this [being homosexual] his latest false plan for opinions.’” So it was critical that I come out, and I did. “Read the tweet,” the streamer said.

He thanked everyone for their messages of love and support and shared his message with those who stayed in the closet. While acknowledging that it was difficult to accept one’s sexuality, he urged people not to apologize and not to be ashamed of who they were.

AustinShow about confronting his sexuality

And while he supported him, the streamer struggled with his sexuality before coming out. On an episode of Attack of the Show: The Loop, the G4TV host discussed his sexuality and the path he should take to get there. Kevin Pereira, his friend and host, revealed a joke the Twitch station apparently told him before shooting, stating that “being gay [was] his brand.” AustinShow noted that although he came out publicly on Twitter at the age of 25, he had notified his loved ones a year earlier.


It was a journey of self-discovery and denial for the streamer. For years he assumed he was straight, as society had instilled in him that he would end up with a woman. “I came from a fairly liberal family, but people talked about my future connections with individuals, and one of them was with a lady.” “It’s like, ‘OK, so I’m straight,'” said the streamer. He was too young to understand what he was going through. As an adult, however, AustinShow seems to better understand who he is.


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