Ashley Nocera – 3.9 million Instagram followers – What do we know?



Who is Ashley Nocera?

Born on August 15, 1994 in the United States of America, Ashley Nocera is both a social media personality and a professional bodybuilder, best known for her fame on the website Instagram, establishing herself as an Instagram fitness model. She has competed in several professional bodybuilding competitions at a young age, most of which are highly rated.

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The Riches of Ashley Nocera

As of early 2020, Ashley Nocera’s net worth is estimated at over $200,000, earned through a successful career in bodybuilding competitions and on social media.

Her online fame has led her to numerous opportunities, including sponsorships and endorsement contracts.

Beginning of life and fitness

Ashley grew up with a lot of exposure to the fitness industry from an early age as her father was a bodybuilder and so was his grandfather, and so began to appreciate how much effort it takes to maintain a well-built body. Encouraged by her family to try athletic activities, she began learning to swim at the age of four; she was a quick learner and her dedication to the craft improved her skills significantly.

She started competing in several swimming competitions in her place, which later translated into becoming a swimmer for the school she attended.

Although she had great success with the sport, she grew increasingly frustrated with the development of her body. She wasn’t happy with the way she looked, and so her motivation to swim diminished. Around this time, she became more interested in bodybuilding as it brought great results to her family. When she was 15 years old, she started going to the gym when she had the time, initially as a hobby.

Becoming a Bodybuilding Athlete

Over the following year, Nocera experimented with her routine and diet; she saw some development, but wanted to take it further.

Ashley Nocera

In 2009, she met Alex Sharoykin, the social media personality, through Facebook, and asked for his advice because of his experience with college athletic teams, which were known for participating in football and basketball during his youth. She cemented her routine, lifting weights and dieting, going to the gym as many as six times a week, leaving a day to rest. Within three years, she had achieved a body that was better than she expected, thanks to a well-designed training plan and a balanced diet.

Wanting to further expand her passion for fitness, remembering her family, she tried to compete as a bodybuilder. At the age of 19, she competed in the 2014 WBFF NYC Championships, which was her first experience.

Despite this, she blossomed and stunned the judges, winning the entire competition. As a result, she was awarded a pro card, making her one of the few amateurs certified as a professional in their first game, as well as winning it.

Further matches and online transition

With her win in New York, Ashley qualified to compete in that year’s WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas, where she finished seventh overall. The following year, she returned to the WBFF World Championships, where she finished in the top five.

Around the same time, she started posting her workout and diet routines online via a account on Instagram.

Unwittingly, this helped to get more attention for her, especially from the general public. She quickly became one of the more established fitness models on Instagram, with her looks and her passion for fitness attracting many. The following year, she turned her attention entirely to social media, as she got a lot of offers and her followers reached millions.

She also created a YouTube account that focused on her diet and nutrition, specifically her love of cooking, but she ended up removing all of her videos on that channel as it became difficult to manage, as she had another one. channel focused on video blogs (vlogs). She mainly posts videos of her daily endeavors, trips abroad and other important life events.

Although she doesn’t upload often, she will if she has enough content for her viewers. Sometimes she even uploads challenge videos and other popular YouTuber video themes.

Recent efforts

While working on her fitness career, Nocera also planned to complete her education by enrolling at Wagner College in New York. The private school has a history dating back to 1883 and now about 2,000 students enroll annually. She studied nursing and during her last two years had experience working in a hospital as part of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which helps treat babies with ongoing conditions.

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However, she decided to take a break from school as it was stressing her out but plans to become a certified nurse in the future.

In recent years, she has been busy modeling and sponsored posts from some of her partners. One of her most consistent advertisers is Fashion Nova, who often send her clothes for free so she can wear them in her posts. Based in California, the company established itself mainly through the use of Instagram models with a high number of followers. In recent years, however, the company has a closer lookafter it became known that they underpaid the majority of employees.

Fashion Nova sells what they call cheap club clothing, mainly aimed at women.

Private life

Ashley was in touch with Alex Sharoykin because they were both enrolled in the same university. She first approached him by adding him online and the two became friends through online messages. After three months, the two started dating and were officially in a relationship. However, the relationship seems to have quietly ended as she no longer posts about him and she hasn’t been seen with him for quite some time. She even attended major events such as family weddings on her own, indicating that she is most likely single.