Anna Kalinskaya – All about the professional tennis player


Anna Kalinskaya’s full name is Anna Nikolayevna Kalinskaya, and she is a professional tennis player. Nikolay Kalinskiy, her father, is originally from Moscow, Russia. Her ethnicity is Russian. Nick Kyrgios’ previous partner was Anna. Nick is also a professional tennis player.


Quick Facts

First and last name Anna Kalinskaja
First name Anna
Last name Kalinskaja
Profession Famous ex girlfriend
Nationality Russian
hometown Moscow
Country of birth Russia
father name Nikolaj Kalinskiy
gender identity Female
Sexual orientation Straight ahead
Horoscope Archer
In a relationship with Nick Kyrgios
Net value 5000000
Net value $5 million
Date of birth Dec 2, 1998
Age 23 years

When did Anna and Nick start dating?

Anna and Nick’s dating speculation started after the two were seen side by side during a basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It was later confirmed that they were together. In 2019, Nick posted a photo of Anna on Instagram with the comment “his expression when he saw her doing her thing today.” Then Nick Anna was cheered at the 2019 Citi Open, which was held in Washington, DC. However, their romance lasted barely two months.

Anna Kalinskaja

Anna’s take on her ex-boyfriend

The exact cause of their split is unknown. However, it seems that the split didn’t go as well as planned. Anna would post strange statements on her social media sites after her breakup. We broke up, she said, and we’re not friends anymore. She goes on to say that she understands that people are his friends, but she will never talk about Nick. Anna said she would like everyone to respect her too. On May 3, Anna again advises that no matter what happens, don’t let anyone break you and always be strong and true to yourself. When asked if it was addressed to Nick, she rejected it, claiming that he is a nice person who has done nothing wrong.

For what reason was Nick Kyrgios criticized?

Nick was recently penalized for a tweet about Covid freedom. It is no surprise that the athlete is always surrounded by scandals. However, he was involved in an attack on the government of his own country. He said the country is behind in imposing strict restrictions on travel abroad to stop the spread of the disease. The athlete responded to a tweet from Qantas, announcing that flights from Sydney to Los Angeles and London will begin on November 1.

Anna Kalinskaja

Dominic Perrottet, on the other hand, argued that his people should rejoin the world because not all of them can live in the hermit kingdom. Nick recognized the reality about Dominic, but couldn’t resist making a point to the national government. Nick later congratulated everyone and said that their own country, Australia, has been lagging in the past year, while Freedom has nothing to do with the COVID scenario. Some members of the crowd didn’t like it and expressed their frustration at Tweets with GIFs. Others told the athlete to focus on his work and the upcoming workout. Unfortunately, Nick was faced with the prospect of falling below the top 100 in the ATP men’s rankings. Indeed, the site is now in 97th place.

Net value

According to Wikipedia, Anna Kalinskaya earns a total income of $123,268 as an independent woman. It is indeed not the whole profit. She is considered the best Russian women’s tennis player in the world. As a result, the lady’s current net worth is believed to be between $1 million and $5 million.


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