American Chopper Paul Teutul Jr. Net worth, wife, age, lawsuit


Originally a star on “American Chopper,” Paul Teutul Junior was the mastermind behind some of the most recognizable motorcycles sold at his father’s shop. Those days are over, however, after an explosive fallout with his father. Paul has continued to pioneer his own business, in direct competition with the family business. His name appears frequently in the news feed, and not always for positive reasons. Despite the growing success of his new venture, Paul Teutul Junior is constantly on the move with the law – a fact that has greatly disappointed fans of the Discovery Channel Show.

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Early life and family

Paul Michael Teutul Junior was born on October 2, 1974 in New York, USA, to Paul John Senior and Paulie Teutul, of mixed German, Italian and Austrian descent. Although his parents would later divorce, Paul has three younger siblings, brothers Daniel and Michael still work in the family business while the youngest, his sister Cristin, works as a nurse. Extremely creative from an early age, Paul Jr. to be internship at his father’s steel company when he was only 12 years old. He soon became acquainted with the equipment and discovered that he understood mechanics. He soon designed and manufactured motorcycles.


While most of his skills were developed at his father’s factory, Paul also became involved in school programs to help him hone his skills. Sun program was the council of cooperative educational services that focused on his out-of-the-box creativity and skill. In fact, it was Paul’s ability that prompted his father to even consider opening his own motorcycle manufacturing company.


Family business

When he signed up, Paul Jr knew exactly where to go and where his heart was, in the Orange County Ironwork, the company his father had founded, and allowed him to apprentice in his youth.

Paul Teutul Jr

If he expected favoritism because of his family connection, he would be disappointed. Paul Jr worked extremely hard to establish himself in his father’s business and was eventually appointed head of the railing shop.

During the later years of the company, Paul Snr began experimenting with building motorcycles in his spare time. The two felt his son’s ability and passion for the task, settleed Orange County Choppers in 1999. The company would allow them to design and sell motorcycles with their signature chopper style and quality, and would become a huge success.

“American Helicopter”

American helicopter” was a show sculpted entirely around the drama and innovation of Orange County Choppers.

While many docuseries are criticized for being overly scripted and synthesizing suspense for excitement, the suspense in “American Chopper” was genuine. Part of the show’s allure was the opposing ideals and design styles of Paul Snr and Paul Jnr, but that opposition became all too real when the two had a huge fight in 2008 and Paul Jnr was fired.

Though Paul would have liked nothing more than to wash his hands of the whole affair, the network threatened to end the show if he didn’t return, so he reappeared with Orange County Choppers as a contractor. However, the tension was too great and in 2009 he officially ended his relationship with the company.

There was a brief spin-off from the show when he later started his own company, but eventually cut ties to Discovery Channel and then from TLC when the show moved.

Paul Jr Designs

Eager to eliminate any previous ties to the Orange County Choppers family business, Paul was ready to start his own business in 2010, once the one-year non-compete agreement expired. Paul Jnr Designs had an eye for more than just motorcycles, but this quickly became the focus of the company. Paul had no qualms about openly questioning his father’s business, promising to deliver better quality and design at lower, more affordable prices.

The company sells almost exclusively bicycles, with some branded clothing and other equipment. It was while leading Paul Jnr Designs that he wrote his biography, “The Build: Designing My Life of Choppers, Family, and Faith”. The book is a call to action, a call to embrace one’s God-given talents and pave the way to success.

Private life


Due to the inseparable nature of business and family, Paul Jr’s relationship with his family is extremely tenuous and full of friction. His animosity towards his father has spread to the rest of the family, and he has much more to do with their lawyers than with them.

However, Paul Jr has started a family of his own.

Prior to their wedding, Paul Jnr and Rachael Biestar were featured in the TLC show, “Say Yes to the Dress!”, which allowed Rachael to choose a wedding dress at one of the most famous boutiques in New York. The two married on August 20, 2010 and had a son, Hudson Seven Teutul, five years later, on February 3, 2015.


The first lawsuit was filed in 2005 against Paul Jr, as well as against his father and his brother Michael, filed by his father’s business partner who had financed American Choppers. Tom Derbyshire revealed that after he funded the show, Paul Snr manipulated the paperwork so that he wouldn’t receive any of his shares.

This lawsuit lasted for years and ended in 2018 with the bankruptcy of Paul Snr.

Perhaps the most famous of the lawsuits was filed by Paul Snr against his son in 2010, in which he demanded that Paul Snr buy out Paul Jr’s 20% stake in the company. The lawsuit sparked a slew of lawsuits, with Paul Jr winning a lower court verdict that he didn’t have to sell his stock, rather than wait for a reasonable price to be greedy. In retaliation for his father’s lawsuit, Paul Jr. filed another lawsuit, claiming $100 million in damages and accusing his father of major fraud. There have been several other legal disputes over the years, but these remain the most prominent of the cases.


Paul Teutul Jr has brown hair and eyes and a voluminous appearance. Although his haircut fluctuates, he seems to prefer a clean cut and a stubble. Paul Jr’s mixed heritage adds to its unique look. Paul Jnr is 1.83 m tall and weighs about 77 kg.

Net worth and salary

Paul has long since left his days of reality TV and is fully committed to the success of Paul Jnr Designs. No matter whose side you take in the story, it’s impossible to deny that fame has an irresistible appeal, a fact he’s capitalized on, branding and distributing merchandise to spread his message. While it’s not known what he paid for his book deal, the sensationalism surrounding his story puts the possibilities in the higher realms. As of mid-2020, Paul Jnr has an estimated net worth of over $2 million.