Alpharad declared himself bisexual after his divorce from ex-wife Fiorella Zoll


Alpharad shocked the public by coming out as bisexual. When he made the discovery, he was married to Fiorella Zoll. He has never been candid about his personal life, although his marriage deteriorated over the years. They eventually got divorced and legally divorced. He has revealed a few additional details about his sexuality after announcing their divorce.


Alpharad’s relationship with his ex-wife

Alpharad, real name John Jacob Rabon IV, began dating Zoll in 2014. They married in 2018 after four years of dating. They got married on November 3, 2018. Alpharad tweeted throughout the day to update followers on how the day was going and how he felt about it. The couple seemed overjoyed in their wedding video, with Alpharad even breaking down in tears after kissing his then-bride at the altar for the first time. After their marriage in Oklahoma, their native state, they moved to Los Angeles. Before starting a life together, they lived with a friend and permanent collaborator, JoSniffy.


As is his custom, the YouTuber avoided discussing his marriage in his material. However, it didn’t look good in the background. Alpharad declared his divorce from his wife in a surprise statement on October 20, 2021. “Fio and I are no longer together and haven’t been for a while,” he stated at the start of his Twitter reveal. He said he wanted to be emotionally stable before informing the rest of the world.

He also said that he had “infinite amount of affection and respect for her” and that she had supported him throughout their seven-year relationship. “I want nothing but the best for her in the future,” he added, closing the portion of the statement where he described their separation and asked everyone to respect their privacy. “Nobody’s choice was easy or painless.”


Alpharad’s Bisexual Revealed

Alpharad stated in a YouTube video on June 15, 2020, while still married to Zoll, that he was bisexual. He revealed that during a conversation about Pride Month and how he behaved differently in real life. Alpharad admitted that he was “super confrontational” about his sexuality and appeared heterosexual, yet he was “extremely confident and bi”.
He also admitted not wanting to make a big deal about his sexuality and joked about coming out in a Super Mario game. Then in a December 2021 issue of the podcast How Did We Get Here? his ADHD diagnosis and how he ended up somewhere on the asexual aromantic spectrum.