All About Misty Raney Husband Maciah Bilodeau: His Net Worth, Family


Maciah Bilodeau came to media attention after his wife Misty ‘Raney’ Bilodeau appeared in the series, Homestead rescue. Unlike his famous wife, Maciah keeps a low profile. In addition, they are proud parents of one child from their marriage.

So far, Maciah and his partner Misty haven’t run into any trouble, partly because they both have similar interests.

Today we are going to find out all the interesting facts about Bilodeau including his job, age, family, net worth and more!


Who is Maciah Bilodeau? A glimpse into his life

Maciah L Bilodeau was born on March 30, 1980. He is American by nationality and white by ethnicity. He grew up in Anaconda, Montana alongside his family.

As for his ethnicity, he is white. Moreover, the Bilodeau’s originated in western France.

There is not much information about his parents or siblings. Maciah is also not active on social media, which makes it rather difficult to learn more about the Bilodeau family.

Apart from himself, Maciah’s wife, Misty also never shares pictures of her in-laws on social media. It’s safe to say they enjoy life behind closed doors.

What is Maciah Bilodeau’s job?

Whenever a celebrity marries a person who is not involved in showbiz, fans are eager to know what that person’s job description is. Because they usually turn out to be millionaires or sometimes billionaires.

Well, Maciah is neither. He is generally a humble man and comes from an average American household. As for his job description, he is a carpenter and quite skilled. Furthermore, he is an avid surfer and enjoys it immensely.

Many of you may not know that he and his wife Misty Raney built their 800 square foot cabins in Hatcher Pass, Alaska from scratch. Aside from his craftsmanship, Maciah and his wife also share a common interest in farming, the only reason they hit it off in the first place.

Maciah Bilodeau Job
Maciah is a carpenter.

By the way, his wife Misty is a home builder and also a carpenter. Speaking about her job description in her own words, she said:

“I love to swing a hammer and build things with a few simple materials. It’s weird, but I do. Everything related to building, gardening, raising livestock, hunting, access to water and more, my family thrives on helping others take control of their own situation. Alaska keeps us tough.”

She is responsible for securing water, rebuilding falling structures and the overall structure of the house.

Misty Raney Maciah Bilodeau: Since when are the two married?

Maciah and Misty have been married since the year 2000. Apparently, the couple met several years before their wedding. As we mentioned above, Maciah is not active on social media. His wife, on the other hand, is on Instagram and Facebook, but she has never revealed anything about her marriage to Maciah.

In general, a majority of celebrities often share messages with their loved ones on occasions like Valentine’s Day, but Misty is quite the opposite. To date, she has not added any such tribute photos.

Nevertheless, she spilled some beans about her married life in 2015 when she wished her husband their 15th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day. According to the post, it is possible that the duo exchanged vows on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Maciah Bilodeau Married
Maciah and his son in a camp.

However, this does not mean that she has not shared a single picture of her significant other. She has added a photo of Maciah and their son several times.

How many children does Maciah Bilodeau share with Misty?

As of 2023, the couple is the proud parent of a son, Gauge Bilodeau. Misty gave birth to her child April 14, 2011. The cute child is often seen on his mother’s Instagram account.

Besides, like his father Maciah, he too loves surfing. The father-son duo often indulges in the water activity. It’s safe to say that all three have an exceptional bond with each other.

Maciah Bilodeau net worth

Since there is no good information about how Maciah earns money, his net worth is quite difficult to assess. Meanwhile, his wife Misty is worth $500,000.

Misty earns most of her income through her appearance on the show, Homestead Rescue alongside her brother, MattRaney, and father, Martin Raney.

The show is all about helping people living in harsh conditions. The Raney’s help to discover the weakness of the houses and protect them from wild animals or natural disasters.