All About Barry Van Dyke’s Eldest Son, Carey Van Dyke; His biography, wife and much more


Carey van Dyke is an American actor and writer known for Don’t worry honey (2022), The silence (2019), ed Chernobyl diaries (2012). More than his film career, Carey is popular as the son and grandson of Diagnosis: Murder famous actors Barry van Dyke And Dick van Dyke at the same time.

Talking about his personal life, Carey is a happily married man. He has been married to his wife Stephanie since 2019. Prior to his marriage to his current husband, Dyke was also the husband of his ex-wife Anne Coolbaugh for nearly a decade. If so, does the actor have children from his two marriages?

Today let’s talk about the personal and professional life of Barry Van Dyke’s eldest child Carey in the article below.


Carey Van Dyke Bio: His Age and Early Life

Carey Van Dyke was born to his father Barry and his mother Mary Carey on February 25, 1976, in Oak Park, California, USA. As of 2023, he is 46 years old. His birth name is Carey Wayne Van Dyke.

Likewise, he spent most of his early childhood in his hometown. In terms of education, he is believed to have attended Moorpark College with his brothers.

Moreover, he belongs to a mixed ethnicity and is American in nationality.

Carey’s family background; Most of his relatives are actors

Carey’s grandfather Dick Van Dyke is the first generation in his family to enter the acting world and earn name and fame. Following in the legacy of his grandfather, his father Barry and his siblings Christian Van Dyke, Stacy van DykeAnd Carrie Beth Van Dyke also worked in movies.

Furthermore, he is the second cousin of an American actor and comedian Jerry van Dyke. Likewise, Carey is the clate actress and adult performer Kelly Jean Van Dyke‘s first cousin.

Carey Van Dyke has three siblings

Carey is the firstborn child of his parents. He was followed by his two younger brothers Shane van Dyke And Wes van Dyke. Likewise, he is the older brother of his youngest sister Taryn van Dyke.

Carey Van Dyke has three siblings
Carey Van Dyke with his two brothers and his parents. Source: His Instagram

Like him, all three Carey siblings tried their luck in the film industry, under which Shane achieved more success as compared to others. His brother Shane, 43, is an American actor, screenwriter and film producer. Likewise, his next brother Wes, 38, has starred in more than a few films and so has his sister Taryn, 36.

All the siblings have worked together on various projects. But lately, Carey and his popular brother Shayne Van Dyke have been teaming up like professionals. Recently, their co-scripted movie do not worry Darling was released. Here’s a brief look at the movie.

Carey and Shayne Van Dyke co-scripted Don’t worry honey; Katie Silberman’s screenplay

On September 3, 2022, the horror movie was named Don’t worry honey was released and received quite good reviews from critics. The film was announced in 2019. The Dyke brothers, Carey Van Dyke and Shayne Van Dyke wrote the original story of the film and their spec script appeared on the 2019 Black List, meaning the most beloved screenplay yet to be produced .

Later, the screenwriter and producer Katie Silberman joined the project as a screenwriter. Her rewritten story became the film’s screenplay, and the film went to the ground.

Carey Van Dyke Career in Movies

Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Carey also stepped into the film world. He made his acting debut in 1994 through his father and grandfather’s star series Murder diagnosis. In this series he portrayed seven different characters.

Carey Van Dyke is an actor
Carey van Dyke

After his debut, he appeared as Doug in Ignorant and Billy in it Diagnosis Murder: city without pity. His other acting credits include JAG, ER, 6 guns, Titanic II, The love story of a soldier, and others. He did his last acting project in 2011 in a video A ghost tour in Salem.

Carey is also a writer; Has he written a book?

Not really a book author, but Carey is definitely a screenwriter. As mentioned earlier, he wrote the movie Don’t worry honey next to his brother Shayne. Furthermore, he worked as a writer and screenwriter in the series Murder diagnosis, The Holy, Chernobyl diaries, The silence, Into the dark, and others.

Dyke is also a film producer.

Carey Van Dyke is married to his wife Stephanie Rhodes vanDike

A 46-year-old former actor is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife Stephanie September 3, 2019, according to his Facebook information.

Carey Van Dyke is a married man
Carey Van Dyke with his wife Stephanie. Source: His Instagram

Although their marriage has only been in existence for a few years, the now-married duo had been in a relationship for a longer period of time. They were dating since 2010 and time and time again both of them expressed their love for each other on their respective social media account. In March 2015, Dyke shared his photo with his now-wife, writing:

Happy birthday to my almost wife. Five years ago I was pretty nervous on St. Patrick’s Day. Love you sweetheart

A day later in March 2015, his then-girlfriend Stephanie also shared a photo of herself with a caption: “Happy birthday to the love of my life.💖

At the moment, Carey and his wife are gracefully leading their marriage.

Before they got together, both the man and woman were married to different people. Dyke was married to his first wife Anne Coolbag while his wife Stephanie was also married, but her ex-husband’s name is not known.

Carey Van Dyke is a father

From his marriage to his ex-wife Anne, he is a loving father to his three daughters mentioned Av, GracieAnd Jane Van Dyke.

Carey Van Dyke has three biological daughters
Carey Van Dyke’s Children. Source: His Instagram

His first daughter Ava was born on July 26, 2001, making her 21 years old in 2023. On his Instagram, he continues to express his love for his eldest child. On her 18th birthday, dad Dyke posted her beautiful photo with the caption:

Happy 18th birthday, honey. Watching you grow up is painfully sweet. Your dreams are up for grabs. I love you more than you can imagine ❤️

Furthermore, his second child Gracy was born December 8, 2003. She was diagnosed with meningitis as a child and to this day, 19-year-old Carey’s daughter is in a recovery phase as she uses a wheelchair to get around. Carey and his now-wife take care of her. Likewise, Dyke’s youngest daughter Jane is 15 years old in 2023. Born on May 8th, 2007she is now a high school student.

In addition to his biological children, he is also the father of his ex-wife’s children from her previous marriage Alex And Mia. After marrying his ex-wife, he adopted them.

Furthermore, Dyke is also a father figure to his now-wife’s three children from her ex-husband. He is also incredibly close to his stepchildren.

Dyke is a grandfather

The screenwriter is the grandfather. He has a granddaughter named Brielle Kodi from his stepson Brandon. Although Brielle is the daughter of his wife’s son from her previous marriage, Carey loves her just like a real grandpa.

Carey Van Dyke is a grandfather
Carey Van Dyke with his granddaughter

He keeps sharing this cute kid on his Instagram. On her 2nd birthday in August 2020, he dedicated his post to Brielle, writing:

I can’t believe how much joy you have brought us in just two short years. For such a little girl you have those seeing eyes that pierce the soul when you look at us. That is love in its purest form. Your mom and dad sure did a good job. They still do. Happy birthday angel face. You are a miracle ❤️❤️

Van Dyke is passionate about books

Undoubtedly, Dick Van Dyke’s grandson is interested in films, after all, he has been working in the film industry for several years. For an added bonus, he is also passionate about books. On his daughter Ava’s 19th birthday, he revealed that he likes to read books.

According to his caption, not only is he in the family who loves books, but his daughter loves them too, he wrote,

I love our shared passion for books and movies. I cherish our conversations more than you know.

Probably, due to his intense interest in books, he later evolves as a writer.

What is Carey Van Dyke’s net worth?

Carey Vna Dyke reportedly has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Undoubtedly, he earned a huge amount from his career as a writer and actor. On the other hand, his famous father Barry Van Dyke has an estimated net worth of $6 million while her grandfather Dick has a fortune of $50 million