Aimee Preston Bio, Age: Is She Married To Steven Tyler? Untold Facts


Aimee Preston Full Aimee Ann Preston is a former celebrity personal assistant who is better known as the current girlfriend of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. Tyler and Aimee have an age difference of 30 years. Although that didn’t affect their togetherness in the least.

Aimee has been dating rock star Tyler since the early 2010s. Preston is considerably younger than the heavy metal singer who has sometimes raised eyebrows in addition to the attention. However, the two are seemingly happy to be in a relationship and have been sincerely in love since their first public appearance in early 2016.

Check out some of the notable moments from Tyler and Preston’s relationship, in addition to an exclusive look at Aimee’s history; who she was before she met the Demon Of Screamin’. Furthermore, she takes a burden from her own career, what she does for a living, and others.


Aimee Preston is from Colorado

A resident of Denver ColoradoAimee Preston was born in July 1987. After high school, Tyler’s future girlfriend, Preston attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) from 2005 to 2007. From there, she would earn a degree in Musical Theater.

Preston, who will be celebrating her birthday on July 18, is also a former Denver School of Arts student, her Facebook says.

Aimee Preston worked as a PA for celebrities including Trump and Victoria Beckham

After graduating from AMDA, 35-year-old Preston started working for various celebrities as their personal assistant. As such, she started this career by first working for the former president, Donald Trump, right at Trump Organization in New York.

Steven Tyler's girlfriend, Aimee Preston
Aimee Preston, lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler’s partner. Instagram

She also reportedly worked for Trump’s ex-wife Marla Maples. After that, she was also PA for singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham. Working for the ex-Spice Girls member, Aimee apparently also gained experience in fashion design and business.

Her next client would be her now boyfriend, Steven Tyler. She initially worked at XIX Entertainment. The company also lists Preston’s partner, Tyler, as one of its customers. After about a year and a half, presumably after seeing Preston work at XIX, Tyler made her his personal assistant.

The Lady Marmalade singer, Christina Aguilera is also another celebrity for whom Tyler’s partner has worked.

The timeline of Aimee and her boyfriend, Steven Tyler’s relationship

People first started talking about the ASCAP partner awards winner and Aimee Preston’s relationship in 2014. In fact, even before that, some people had seen them vacationing together in various locations, including Maui, Hawaii, and many more private trips.

They got to know each other better after Aimee started working as a personal assistant for Tyler. By the time rumors of their relationship had surfaced, Preston was working for the… Dream On singer for a few years.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Aerosmith's lead singer, Aimee Ann Preston, Steven Tyler's girlfriend.
Former Trump Organization employee and the Dream On singer, Steven Tyler’s girlfriend, Aimee Preston. Getty

They are said to have first met in 2012. Aimee had just landed a job as the country rock artist’s personal assistant. At first, the outsiders apparently struggled to come to terms with the couple’s age difference.

At the time, however, the 74-year-old rock star and Preston remained confidential about what happened between the two. They only started appearing openly and in public events about a year later in 2015.

Aimee was 28 at the time while the to cry singer was already in his late 60s. They were also each other’s dates at iHeartRadio Awards in March 2015. Tyler and the ex-Trump Org collaborator went official with their relationship when they attended Elton John’s annual Oscar Viewing Party for the Elton John AIDS Foundation on February 28, 2016.

Even then, according to E News!, the couple tried not to talk about what was going on, but when they held hands, it was pretty obvious to people. The pair have since appeared at each other’s sides, be it on the red carpets, awards or on each other’s social media.

Also, they have not expressed any concerns about their age difference since then. By the year 2016, Tyler and Preston were reportedly in a live-in relationship and living together in Los Angeles. According to some reports, they had already moved in together, but at the time they were staying in Nashville, Tennessee when Tyler was recording his solo country album.

Is Aimee Preston Married To Steven Tyler Married?

Several months after they confirmed their appointment, rumors began to circulate about Tyler and Preston’s engagement. This especially happened in December 2016 when some people saw Preston wearing a ring on her wedding finger.

Although neither she nor the Angel singer confirmed those rumors. Such rumors resurfaced in July 2017. But this time too, the couple remained unobtrusive.

Aimee Preston is not yet married to boyfriend Steven Tyler
Colorado native Aimee Preston and her partner since 2010 and Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler. Getty

Even to this day, Tyler and his supposedly six-foot girlfriend, Aimee, have kept the details of their date only to themselves.

And it looks like they’re still in no rush to run down the aisle because not only do they talk less about their relationship but also seem pretty uninterested in sharing their thoughts on weddings and the like.

Preston is friends with all of Tyler’s children

Despite Steven’s current partner, Aimee being nearly the same age as the Rock And Roll Hall of Famer children, all of his children have approved of their relationship. In fact, in addition to making public appearances with the hard rock artist, Preston has also appeared alongside her partner’s grown children.

They often show their appreciation for Tyler and Preston’s relationship in the comments section of the couple’s social media posts. Interestingly, Tyler’s actress daughter Liv Tyler is 11 years older than Preston.

Tyler has a total of four children. In addition to Liv, he has another daughter, Mia, whom he welcomed in December 1978. He also has two more children, Chelsea and Taj Monroe, born in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

Tyler has had relationships with several women; What about Aimee Preston?

Both Aimee and Tyler were married to someone else before starting their relationship. Pretty much around the tabloids, Preston’s current partner, Steven has had a string of marriages and relationships over the years.

He had been married twice, both of which ended in divorce. His first wife was Cyrinda Foxe from 1978 to 1987. The two began dating in 1977 and married a year later. However, they would end their courtship with a divorce that came with accusations against Tyler of abuse and others.

Steven’s next partner was a fashion designer, Teressa Barrick, whom he married in the year 1988. This union of Steven lasted quite a bit longer than his first, the divorce was nevertheless eminent in 2006. He was also Erin Brady’s fiancée from 2011 to 2013. .

Between divorcing Brady and becoming Preston’s boyfriend, Tyler is also said to have had an affair with the… hunger games actress, Leven Rambin, who was also younger than the Manhattan native.

It’s worth noting that Preston isn’t the first time Tyler has dated someone much younger than him. When the androgynous personality was 27, he was in a relationship with then 16-year-old Julia Holcomb. Preston’s friend had even asked Holcomb’s parents if he could marry their daughter. This ex-girlfriend of Tyler even had an abortion when she was still in a relationship with the love is your name singer.

He was also in a relationship with Bebe Buell, a fellow singer with whom he welcomed a daughter, and the… stealing beauty actress, Liv Tyler in 1977. As for Aimee, Tyler’s existing girlfriend used to be the wife of Scott Shachter, a talent agent. However, it is unclear when Aimee married or started dating Shachter. Also, the things of their divorce remain undisclosed.

Aimee’s Instagram Says She Might Be A Mom Of Two

According to her candid Instagram handle, Aimee is also the mother of two children, a son and a daughter. She has often posted photos of her children, who are now both adults, on her socials.

However, the Denver resident has not confirmed whether they are her real children, at least in her own words. It is believed that Preston had them with her former husband, Schacter, because during the graduation of one of her children, possibly her son, Luke, Aimee addressed him with Schacter as his last name.

She would also have a brother.

Aimee Preston lost some of her family in the 9/11 attack

Back in line with her Instagram, Aimee is also apparently one of the people who lost her loved ones in the tragic incident of 9/11. While she hasn’t explained the relationship between the four lives lost in the 2001 terrorist attack and herself, Preston never forgets to mention them on her social media.

The people she lost as close to her were the couple, Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham, and their two children Zoe, 8, and Dana, 3. The family of four had boarded American Airlines Flight 77 bound for Canberra, Australia to enjoy their dream working holiday.

Aimee Preston Supports Black’s Rights

Aimee Preston, girlfriend of Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler also advocates for black people and their rights. She often speaks out about blacks and other minority groups. For example, in June 2020, the Music Theater graduate showed support for black people via her Instagram while explaining to her fans why everyone should fight and stand up for them.

Sharing a photo on the image sharing handle, which has since been removed, Preston wrote,

Yes. And I’ll fight for you with my face… with the simple white color of my damn skin… I’ll be your shield as we fight this good fight… I’ll protect your life with my skin until the day comes where it is safe for you to live in the perfect color of yours!”

Aimee is also involved in various things giving back to the community. She is an active member of her friend, Tyler’s charitable organization, Janie’s Funds. The 35-year-old even attended Steven’s Grammy Awards viewing party in February 2019 that the Raising Hell singer performed to raise money for Janie’s Fund at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.

Preston’s boyfriend is a multimillionaire; What is her equity?

As one of the Rolling Stones’ top 100 singers, Preston’s partner is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest artists of the 1980s. Tyler’s net worth, active since the 1970s, has been estimated at over $100 million for decades. However, the equal proportions, in terms of his current partner, Aimee Preston, are somewhat scarcer.

Though she doesn’t have quite as high profile career as her musician boyfriend, her Instagram shows, but then again, the mother of two seems to be doing quite well on her own. However, what is still not mentioned is Preston’s approach to net worth.


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