A look into the married life of Antonio Cupo and Dorothy Wang


Antonio Cupo has a penchant for appearing in upbeat movies, which are often Hallmark movies. He has been a fixture on the TV movie network for nearly ten years. And, like the families of his on-screen characters, his personal life in the real world is nothing short of incredible. It is a pity that he does not tell much about his family to his wife and children. Here are some facts about Cupo’s marriage, marriage and how he lives his personal and business life.


Antonio Cupo’s family with wife Dorothy Wang

Cupo has been married to Dorothy Wang for about seven years. He didn’t say where he met his wife or how long they dated before they got married, but according to a post on her Facebook, they got engaged in 2015. On May 28, 2015, the couple married in the coastal city of Vancouver, British Columbia, where he lived. was born. Their marriage registry only has her name, as well as their wedding date and location.

Antonio Cup

Browsing her Facebook profile reveals some details about their marriage. As can be seen from their wedding photos, the couple dressed in white on their big day. They also enjoyed a nice photo shoot on a rocky beach. Wang seems to keep her social media accounts hidden or keep her participation to a minimum. Her only public posts on Facebook are her 2016 anniversary posts and a few selfies with Cupo. The couple has two children. Brando, their son, was born in 2016 and Chiara, their daughter, was born in 2019. Cupo only posts photos and videos of his daughter on Instagram, while there are few short videos of Brando in his highlights. His wife, on the other hand, seemed to appreciate it incognito.

Work-life balance with children for Antonio Cupo

Cupo and Wang, like many parents during the epidemic, had their share of epiphany moments with their children. Having recently moved to a new home and teaching their two young children, they kept them busy during the lockdowns. “It was a moment for us to reflect,” he noted in a December 2020 interview with My Devotional Thoughts. He learned how valuable every time he spends with his children is.

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Being a parent is also the position he most enjoys. His “handful” of children is his primary focus. “When I’m at work, it takes up 90% of my waking hours, which is why I want to flood myself with it in between my projects,” Cupo told Community Magazine NJ in November 2020. Cupo still works for Hallmark, but his Instagram reveals that he is just as committed to having a great family life.