5 things you need to know about Barbara Kendhammer’s death


Barbara Kendhammer’s horrific doom will be revisited and re-described in the upcoming episode of 48 Hours Season 34. This Saturday, September 3, 2022, at 9/8c, the program will be re-released exclusively on CBS. The official recap of the 48 Hours episode titled Mystery on County Road M is as follows:

“Todd Kendhammer claims his wife was killed in a car accident when a pipe fell from a truck and collided with their vehicle. Authorities believe the incident was orchestrated. Erin Moriarty, a journalist for ’48 Hours’, reports.

The shocking case, which will be re-examined within 48 hours, dates back to 2016. Barbara Kendhammer, a married woman from Wisconsin, is said to have died after being involved in a horrific car accident south of La Crosse. Prosecutors say it was not an accident, but rather a brutal murder committed by the woman’s husband, Todd Kendhammer. Ever since CBS announced the upcoming episode of 48 Hours, viewers have been eager to hear more about the terrifying death case.

So without further ado, let’s get into some key facts about Barbara Kendhammer’s 2016 death, ahead of the upcoming 48 Hours on CBS this Saturday. Before the upcoming 48 Hours program airs on CBS, learn 5 key facts about Barbara Kendhammer’s death in 2016.

Who was Barbara Kendhammer?

Barbara Kendhammer, a 46-year-old lady from La Crosse, Wisconsin, was born in March 1970. She graduated from high school in 1988. In 1991, nearly three years after graduating, the Wisconsin woman married her husband, Todd Kendhammer.

Barbara and her husband, Todd, had two children, a girl named Jessica and a boy named Jordan. She previously worked in the cafeteria at West Salem Middle School in Wisconsin. Barbara was a good-hearted lady who liked her job and was an animal lover, according to many who knew her.

Barbara’s marriage to Todd

Her marriage to her husband Todd would be flawless. According to relatives, the two had a very compatible connection. She and her husband had just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary when the horrific incident happened. According to their children, they were still in love and had great respect for each other. Jessica, their daughter, said in a statement, “Whatever my mom wanted, my dad gave it to her, … They were just at a really happy time in their lives since they had their first grandchild and were well.” (Source: CBS News)

What happened to her beautiful life?

The 46-year-old Wisconsin woman was killed in a car accident on a rural road near La Crosse on September 16, 2016, at 8 a.m. Todd Kendhammer, her husband, was apparently present during the horrific and strange traffic collision. Todd then called 911 to report the event. Barbara Kendhammer was taken to a local hospital when police arrived at the accident site, where she died the following day, September 17, 2016.

Who do the prosecutors believe in this case?

Prosecutors suspect the horrific incident was not an accident, but rather a murder staged to resemble a car accident. They suspect that Todd Kendhammer, Barbara Kendhammer’s husband of 25, committed the murder and faked the accident. However, prosecutors were unable to provide an explanation for Todd’s murder of his wife. Jordan and Jessica, the couple’s children, who don’t think their father could have committed the crime, said in a statement:

“They never revealed how he killed her or what he did to make things happen… If he wanted to kill Ma, why go to all that trouble to find a pipe all the way to the middle of a busy drive away… . He has about 28 firearms in his basement.” (Source: CBS News)

Barbara Kendhammer

What happened to Todd Kendhammer?

Todd Kendhammer informed investigators of the accident:

“There was something like a pipe coming through the windshield” (Via CBS News)

However, when asked about the cause of her death, the coroner who performed Barbara Kendhammer’s autopsy stated:

“blunt head and neck injuries.”

Other important evidence pointed to a contradiction in Todd’s account of the incident. Todd was eventually charged with the murder of his wife, Barbara Kendhammer, and was found guilty of first degree murder on December 15, 2017. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment with the possibility of release. Todd’s appeal for a new trial was rejected by the court in May 2022. He plans to appeal the court’s ruling.


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