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Ratan Tata launches Goodfellows that help seniors make friends

The start-up is designed to connect senior citizens with young graduates to form meaningful friendships. Good friends offers a freemium subscription model. The...

Sony’s $529 InZone M3 gaming monitor is available now

As for what's different, the biggest change is the drop in the IPS panel from 4K resolution to 1080p. The PS5 natively supports...

Will Midge Achieve The Ultimate Success? Final Installment Coming Up

Fans have been religiously following Midge Maisel on her quest to become a successful standup comic for four seasons of Amazon Prime Video’s The...

WPI inflation fell to 12.41% for third consecutive month in August

Wholesale price-based inflation declined for the third straight month to 12.41 percent in August as the prices of manufactured items fell even as foodstuffs...

Has Netflix Renewed The Anime TV Series? Is There More Source Material?

It has been about a year since the first season of the animated science fiction series Eden premiered on Netflix. Based on the Japanese...