It is easy to create a website with WordPress, but are they as good as your competitors’ websites? Maybe, or maybe not. But, one of the sure ways to make your website user-friendly and attractive is by the UX best practices for WordPress. WordPress UX is the way forward, and it holds the key to your company’s success. That’s because your presence heavily influences your business in the virtual world, i.e., your presence on social media, frequent emails, and website.

Some confuse the UX (User Experience) with UI (User Interface). Both are closely related but are not the same—though businesses need both of these to succeed. Here, the article will explain how UX help in making your website better and increasing your business.

What is the UX or User Experience of an application or website?

UX concerns users and the way they feel about a website or application. The designers have to ensure the UX is always the best and the user interaction is pleasing and smooth.

Having a pleasant user experience makes the customers do more and purchase more from your website. A bad experience will kill the customer’s mood, and they may make mistakes or leave the website quickly. Here, you can understand the importance of a better user experience.

What are the UX best practices for WordPress?

WordPress is as essential as the other tools you use to enhance the website. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that offers tools to build your website, but the technique is not perfect and refined; that’s why you need WordPress UX to enhance your website.

But, how will it affect the website? What are the benefits? The following list will describe the benefits of UX while developing your website.

Simple and clean design

A basic and attractive website design is what attracts customers. Simple doesn’t mean lacking in features; the design must complement the website’s functionality. Indeed, people don’t care about the functionality unless the design is good and the experience is smooth.

You can ensure a smooth user experience by eliminating the things that create confusion and adding things that help the website visitors navigate easily. With the UX, you can choose the colours, themes and many other tools to make the website look great.

Responsive web design

The best aspect of the UX is to have a responsive web design. Gadgets like mobile, tablets, and foldable have captured the market, and people use these gadgets to access the internet. Some people even manage their entire business through these tiny gadgets. The rise of usage of small devices over laptops and desktops has made WordPress websites to be more responsive and increased the customisation to fit into tiny screens.

WordPress UX ensures two main things here:

  • The quality of the information
  • The way the data is presented

A great UX means the website presents the critical information properly on all screens.

Easy to navigate

Many websites have the functionality and features to help the customers find the product or service, but these options sometimes get clustered in one place or will be scattered all over the screen. It could be the lack of better UX designers or the inability of the website designer. When all the people working on the website, UI, UX, and website domain work in tandem, you can expect a great website; otherwise, you will get a mediocre website experience. Easy navigation helps the visitors get to the products or services they are looking for and make the payment without any hassle.

UI is also a part of UX, and if the designers don’t communicate properly, the web design will lack clarity and ease of navigation. With better UX and professional designers, you get a great website.


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