Shutters are one of the most cost-effective methods to improve the appearance of your house. Shutters not only complete the appearance of your home’s exterior but also provide significant storm protection and energy savings. Window shutters are a wonderful method to update the look of your home’s exterior without spending lots of money on a major renovation. Shutters in black are universally attractive. Another typical exterior shutter colour is white. They enlarge windows and give them an airy, clean appearance. Navy blue and grey shutters are popular choices, while deep green shutters are preferred for natural-tone home exteriors. Choosing the proper shutter colour may add to your home’s appeal like plantation shutters in Sydney. Therefore, you should know how to pick the best shutter colour for your home.

Why shutter colour is significant?

The colour of your window shutters can have a significant impact on the appearance of your home’s exterior. They are frequently used to highlight the accent colour in the exterior colour scheme of your home. Three colours are used in the majority of exterior colour palettes. The base colour, which covers the majority of the exterior walls, takes up the most space. Some homeowners get creative with their trim colour and mix it in with their overall colour scheme. Because they will be right next to each other, the relationship between the window trim and shutter colour is crucial to consider. So, why is the colour of the exterior shutters so important? Because your home’s accent colour is what makes it stand out. It can be the focal point or the colour that ties everything together. It’s also a great way to express yourself.

Tips to choose shutter colour for your home

  • Style and Landscaping

When choosing a colour for your shutters, think about the colours of your blooming plants, shrubs, and other plants. The exterior colour scheme of your house should be harmonious and complement its architectural design and style. Compared to others, timber shutters give you a better look for your home.

  • Size and Influence

When picking a paint colour for your shutters, keep in mind the size of your windows. Select a paint colour that complements the window trim to make small windows look larger.

Colours of shutters that are most popular

There are no surprises here: black and white are the most popular shutter colours for any home. A home’s elegance is enhanced by black shutters. White shutters bring a sense of balance and freshness to the room.

Colours of shutters for a brick house

Dark colours or earth tones that complement the natural tones in the brick look best on brick houses. Black shutters are always a good choice, especially if you have other black accents in your home.

White house shutter colours

If you are looking for shutters for a white house, you have a lot of options Black or dark colours, such as cobalt, can make the shutters stand out and dress up the exterior of your home. For a more traditional home, light-coloured shutters that are only a few shades darker than the rest of the house create a seamless, classic look.

Colours of shutters for a tan house

The aluminium plantation shutters on tan homes look best when they give a compliment to the home’s natural tones. Colours with a darker earth tone, such as greens or browns, work well. White shutters, as always, can add an effortless touch of simplicity.

Shutter colours for colourful homes

Finally, if your home is already brightly coloured whether it’s purple, green, or blue you have a variety of shutter colours to choose from. Colours that are similar to your home’s tonal family, whether a few shades are darker or lighter, are also a good choice.

End line

The colour of your window shutters may have a significant influence on the appearance of your home’s exterior. They are frequently utilised to highlight the accent colour in the exterior colour design of your property. 


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