Wellness startup tackling menopause in men raises ₹5.5 crore in pre-seed funding


  • Bonatra is a physician-led Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) startup focused on managing male menopause and chronic diseases in men.
  • Bonatra will use the funding received to expand technology and product offerings, build the team and expand the customer base.
  • The National Health Mission reports that non-communicable diseases are responsible for 60% of India’s deaths.

Bonatra, a men’s health and wellness start-up, has raised ₹5.5 crores in a pre-seed round led by the ITI Growth Opportunities Fund.

The ITI Growth Opportunities Fund is in an early stage venture capital firm. The funding also saw participation from marquee angel investors such as Jitendra Jagadevfounder, Nestaway and Helloworld, and Rajesh Yabaji, founder, Blackbuck.

Bonatra is India’s only physician-led IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) unified health stack solution and was founded in March 2022 by Rahul Kishore Singh (CEO), Manjari Chandra (CMO), Ramanpreet Singh (COO) and Amit Acharya (CTO) to cope with chronic diseases in men.

“The incidence of lifestyle disorders in men of all ages has increased over the past decade due to dietary changes and sedentary lifestyles. We founded Bonatra with the intention of empowering men to take proactive steps to prevent, manage and reverse various health problems,” said Rahul Kishore Singh, CEO and co-founder of Bonatra.

The National Health Mission reports that noncommunicable diseases are responsible for 60% of deaths in the United States
country. This includes diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, and cancer, just to name a few. In recent years, the incidence of cardio-metabolic disease in men has increased significantly, and risk factors remain high, says Bonatra.

Incidence of
andropause or male menopause also brings mood swings, loss of muscle mass, loss of muscle mass libido and energy.

Problems such as loss of libido, fatigue, insomnia, receding hairlines, poor muscle mass, depression, repeated infections and joint pain are commonly seen in young men. However, most chronic conditions are manageable through prevention and early detection, the company estimates.

It offers personalized, targeted lifestyle, nutritional and fitness interventions to balance hormones in men. This includes controlling early andropause, correcting gut dysbiosis (imbalance in gut bacteria), and reducing heavy metal toxicity in the body.

The startup says it has served more than 1,000 clients and works with more than 400 doctors across India. “Bonatra is a unique blend of medical science, data science and technology. Since its launch in March, Bonatra has shown impressive growth and it is clear that they fill a large unmet need in the healthcare sector. The brand is positioned for incredible future growth and has the potential to become a category leader,” said Mohit Gulati, managing partner, ITI Growth Opportunities Fund.

The funding received will be used to expand technology and product offerings, build the team and expand the customer base, the company said. Other investors who participated in the round include Satish Shetty and Anuj Bishnoifounders, Morningcart (Big Basket Daily), Ankit Maheshwari, CFO India, Cars24, Divyanshu Anand, VP, Cars24, Ankit Agarwal, VP, Global Business, OYO, Shakeeb Anwar, Head, Virtusa, UK, Sarah RuthvicVP, Brookfield and others.

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