Unlimited home Wi-Fi plans — see the full list below


  • Get unlimited data for ₹ 299 with BSNL.
  • Along with unlimited data, access the OTT platform with listed Wi-Fi plans.
  • To discover unlimited home wifi plans below.

Whether you work from home or want to experience a seamless browsing experience, a fast and reliable WiFi connection makes everything easier. The pandemic has also increased internet usage and this has prompted telecom companies to offer affordable and unlimited Wi-Fi data plans.

Telecom giants like Jio, Airtel and BSNL offer decent unlimited home WiFi plans. If you’re looking for unlimited Wi-Fi plans for your home, read on below for more information.

JioFiber – ₹699 to ₹1499

The broadband subscription of ₹ 699 of Trust Jio comes with unlimited voice calls and unlimited data at 100 Mbps. Moreover, the ₹999 JioFiber plan comes with 12 OTT subscription platforms for free, including Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar.

The ₹1499 monthly plan gives access to unlimited data with a download and upload speed of 300 Mbps, which is quite useful for the home.

Airtel Xstream Fiber — ₹799

Airtel Xstream fiber standard broadband connection gives unlimited access to data at a speed of 100 Mbps. This is an ideal plan for your home as it offers a number of additional benefits such as 24×7 customer service, Wi-Fi calling, proactive network monitoring, automatic router troubleshooting, and much more.

BSNL – ₹299 to ₹1299

BSNL offers the cheapest WiFi subscriptions for homes from ₹ 299. It gives a speed of 10 Mbps up to 100 GB and 2 Mbps from 100 GB. The ₹1299 is BSNL’s premier broadband plan. It gives 10 Mbps speed up to 1600 GB and 5 Mbps beyond that. In addition, it gives unlimited local and STD calls to any network.

ACT broadband

ACT Broadband offers some great services if you pay annually which means you get unlimited data at 50 Mbps speed for ₹ 6588.

The other plans like ACT silver, platinum and diamond promo give 150 to 300 Mbps with unlimited data. The Platinum and Diamond plans include 20% extra data every month with a free router.

Tata Play fiber

Tata Play fiber has introduced a subscription of ₹2097 for 3 months with unlimited data at a speed of 50 Mbps. The 50 Mbps plan is also available for 6 to 12 months rental for ₹3300 and ₹6000.

You can also opt for a higher speed of 1 Gbps for ₹ 3600 for 1 month. Tata also offers free setup and free router dual band ONT and a wifi router.

Hathway Premium Unlimited

Hathway has introduced a subscription of ₹800 for 1 month with unlimited data at a speed of 150 Mbps. The company also offers a dual-band router for free. Other than this, you can earn reward points if you pay subscription fees through an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card.


Tikona offers unlimited Wi-Fi plan for ₹2,394 for 6 months. The subscription includes a speed of 30 Mbps and no installation costs. Remember that the company does not offer a free Wi-Fi router like other broadband providers.


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