Twitterati also seeks and provides more investment advice


  • There has been a 40% increase in the number of female entrepreneurs having a conversation about entrepreneurship in recent years Twitter.
  • The Twitter report goes on to say that investment conversations have accelerated by at least 62% as people seek financial advice on the platform.
  • People also want to gain more insight into crypto, NFTs and other digital assets, with a 185% increase in financial literacy discussions.

India has become one of the largest hubs for startups and is home to the third largest unicorn ecosystem in the world. So this makes people more involved in conversations about entrepreneurship, especially women, says 2022 Twitter Trends India reportafter analysis of billions tweets.

There is a 40% increase in the number of women participating in the conversation, and the conversation about female entrepreneurship is increasing by a whopping 269%. This clearly indicates that the gender gap in the workforce is narrowing, the report said.

It further predicts that a major spurt in the number of women-run businesses will provide a huge boost to the country’s economy.

Overall, there is a 22% increase in discussions about entrepreneurship in general. “Founders build personal brands, while popular references such as #SharkTankIndiaMemes and #PeakBengaluru add humor and fun to the conversation,” the Twitter report said.

Many people aspire to become entrepreneurs or start their businesses and are always looking for mentors and large business owners to guide them with their own experiences.

Finance-related conversations are also increasing

The Twitter report goes on to say that investment conversations have accelerated by at least 62% as people seek financial advice on the platform.

“There has been an increase in the number of experts transferring their knowledge. In addition, traditional and new age companies are increasingly collaborating and targeting those who want to get involved,” the report said.

People are also seeking a deeper understanding of crypto, NFTs and other digital assets, showing an 185% increase in discussions of financial literacy.

“Conversations about money have evolved and concepts such as decentralized finance (hello, crypto!) and digital assets have entered pop culture with NFT + Bollywood, Bollycoin and Beyond Life as topics to watch out for,” the report said.

Preetha Athrey, director – global business marketing, Twitter APAC says The Twitter Trends Report captures themes and interests that shape consumer behavior in the Indian market, and outlines key trends for brands they can lean on to be part of conversations.

Fan clubs are also attracting more and more people. Discussions about fandom have increased by 47%.

“People own passions like #CricketTwitter (+55%), build complex worlds like #DCFanDome (+35%) and engage in diverse entertainment conversations like Kollywood (+14) as they gather on Twitter to find their tribe, the report says.

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