This fintech soonicorn is also hiring a BITS Pilani alumnus to increase its technical strength


  • TIFIN, a fintech to start with a valuation of $842 million, the number of recruits from India is doubling as it builds its technical team.
  • The company just hired BITS Pilani alumnus Arun Gautam will lead the Magnifi team as vice president of engineering.
  • TIFIN is looking for people for multiple roles in all their corners, including investment, data science, human resources and web3.

TIFIN, a fintech startup backed by the likes of JP Morgan, Franklin Templeton and Hamilton Lane, is leveraging Indian talent to drive its fintech innovation. The ‘coming soon’ with a valuation of $842 million has just been adopted Arun Gautam as its VP of engineering to lead the company’s Magnifi team – one of TIFIN’s two main divisions.

The company’s other division is a B2B arm that partners with wealth advisors and companies that provide financial services to consumers. Within both divisions, TIFIN operates a range of products, some of which are homegrown and others that have come to the platform through acquisitions.

Gautam’s hiring comes in particular following TIFIN’s acquisition of 1st Main, a digital product agency. He will work with 1st Main co-founders Kinnari Thakker and Kiran Nambiar, who have been appointed chief design officer and chief technology officer at Magnifi respectively.

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“TIFIN’s vision aligns with mine – to challenge the boundaries of the traditional and approach it with a curiosity about how transformational good design and thoughtful technology can be,” said Arun Gautam, VP Engineering at Magnifi by TIFIN.

Gautam is an alumnus of INSEAD and BITS Pilani. He worked for Aviva and found his own fintech startup called Most recently, he was the Chief Technology Officer at Goodera – a startup that helps employees volunteer at thousands of nonprofit organizations in more than 100 countries.

TIFIN’s India Expansion Plans

Currently, TIFIN has 120 employees in India. Gautam’s appointment is part of the company’s plan to aggressively hire this year for multiple roles spanning investment, data science, human resources (HR), web3 and other key engineering teams.

“We are delighted that Arun is joining us. His passion for creating, marketing and managing business and financial technology, as well as designing and building underlying technical infrastructure and platforms for creating such products, will be an asset to all of us. We are delighted to unlock new growth opportunities with him,” said Kiran Nambiar, CTO of TIFIN India.

Doubling hires in India is part of TIFIN’s plan for the recently raised $109 million from its Series D funding round. In the past eighteen months, about
Series A, B, C and D funding rounds has raised the company totaling $204 million.

TIFIN’s investors include JP Morgan, Franklin Templeton, Hamilton Lane, Morningstar, Broadridge and Motive Partners.


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