Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, jumps 35 places on Fortune 500 list, moves from number 100 to number 65 in the rankings


After the blockbuster 2021 results, owned by Elon Musk Tesla has climbed up Fortune 500 list, with the electric vehicle manufacturer jumping a whopping 35 places to claim number 65 in this year’s rankings.

Brian O’Keefe, Senior Executive Editor at Fortune, stated that this year’s ranking could be seen as the return of the energy sector, reports Teslaratic

“Tesla has made another huge leap this year, placing 35th from number 100 to number 65. Tesla’s profits skyrocketed to over 600 percent to $5.5 billion last year, and Tesla, of course, represents a revolution in the auto industry. “O’Keefe was quoted as saying.

The company has been in tears in recent years and has steadily climbed the Fortune 500 list while establishing itself as the undisputed leader in electric vehicles.

According to the report, the electric car company continued its rapid rise in the rankings, up 35 places from last year. The company had a blockbuster in 2021, with revenues of $53.8 billion, up 70 percent from 2020, and expanding significantly into key European and Chinese markets.

Tesla first entered the Fortune 500 in 2017, with the company becoming number 383 on the list.

The company’s rise was evident the following year, with the company climbing to No. 260 in 2018 and No. 144 in 2019. Tesla took the No. 124 spot in 2020, and just a year later, the company took the stunned Tesla jump 35 spots, of none. 100 to No. 65, on the Fortune 500 list after a stellar 2021 performer 100 spot.


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