As a small business, it’s still important to stay up to date with all the tech trends taking place in the world of commerce as many of these could be essential to helping your business stay sharp and at the top in the future.

The past two years saw major changes in the way people and businesses work, including the boom of many different technologies to support with remote working and remote learning so going forward, keeping on top of tech business trends will be more important than ever. 

We have put together what we think will be the tech business trends for small businesses to watch out for: 

AI has grown as a business tool over the past few years and is becoming more and more accessible to small businesses. Elements such as voice assistants on websites and other automation that provides a more personalized experience for your customer are elements to look out for. 

Automating services and systems using AI can really save time and labour, while at the same time enhancing the customer experience, so a win all round for a small business with limited resources. 

  • Increasing use of 5G technology

With 5G networks able to provide faster data speeds and support smart devices, it is being adopted more and more by small businesses since it began in earnest back in 2019. Definitely a trend to watch out for and consider for your small business. 

  • HR tech systems

With more and more people now remaining as remote workers and others moving to a hybrid model, rather than returning to the office fully after the pandemic, there has been a growth in the development of HR tech systems. 

Ways to monitor and track remote workers more effectively, tech to help keep remote workers connected securely to office systems, and ways to communicate and engage with employees away from the office have all been evolving and is another tech trend to watch. 

Tech systems can be a sizable investment for companies, but there are ways to fund these for qualified businesses, you just need to resourceful to find the right funding opportunity.

  • Contact-free payment systems

During the pandemic there was a boost in contact-free alternatives to using staffed checkouts at shops with contactless payments and mobile payments growing in use. This has developed further with options to pay using QR codes, or mobile paying stations in places, avoiding the need for unnecessary contact. These technologies can support small businesses as well as keep customers safe. 

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  • Joining up of software systems

An important trend that could really help small businesses is the joining up of different software platforms, so if you make a change in one, it will automatically update in another. Traditionally companies use different systems for communication, for customer data, for sales, to send information, and updating them all can be very time-consuming. The trend of unification means it will be easier to connect different software platforms together to work more efficiently. 

  • Increased focus on keeping systems secure

Previously, many small businesses have felt that cyber-attacks are only aimed at big corporations, but the trend now is to move towards much more security for small business systems and to take action to prevent attacks and hacks.


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  • More use of automated systems

All small business owners are time poor so any tech trend that can save time has to be welcomed and automation is the trend that will help with this. Automating key tasks which are very time-consuming when carried out manually, has to be of incredible help to small businesses. 

  • Increased use of influencers in marketing

The growth of social media influencers and the power they have to reach millions of customers is another trend that can’t be ignored by small businesses when it comes to market growth and product promotions. 

Traditional advertising just doesn’t work in the same way, particularly when trying to connect with younger audiences. Using social media and working with influencers can help to personalise marketing campaigns and provide a greater connection with your customers. 

  • Social media advertising

Social media advertising is another big growth area and a continuing trend for small businesses to be aware of. It provides a much cheaper alternative than traditional broadcast or print advertising, and can be incredibly targeted and efficient when it comes to targeting specific audiences. 

For start-ups it’s particularly good for this reason, when a big glamorous advertising campaign can feel totally out of reach and out of budget. Social media is also incredibly versatile with the focus on images, memes, videos, polls and a whole variety of other content types which can be used for campaigns to engage customers directly. All small businesses should be looking to develop and grow their social media presence and paid for social is a great way to increase engagement and raise profile without breaking the bank. 


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