PepsiCo to set up 4 factories in UP


The Government of Uttar Pradesh, through its Investment Promotion Agency Invest UPsucceeded in attracting industrial units for beverages in Gorakhpur, Amethi, Prayagraj and Chitrakoot.

Varun Beverages Ltd, franchisee across India from PepsiCohas been allocated land in these districts through the fast-track mode to set up their units for the production of carbonated soft drinks, fruit pulp or juice-based drinks.

The company has proposed to invest a total of Rs 3,740 crore in all four factories with about 5,650 jobs expected.

Chief Executive Officer, Invest UP, Abhishek Prakash said: “Under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and guidance from the Minister of Industrial Development Nand Gopal Gupta ‘Nandi’ policies of accelerated land allocation and promotion of mega-projects in the state are proving to be important factors in attracting investment in the state.”

Additional General Manager, Prathamesh Kumara said that Varun Beverages Ltd. has been allocated 45 hectares of land via fast track mode in the village of Gorakhpur in Narkatha.

The company is proposing to invest Rs 1071.28 crore here with about 1,500 employment channels expected.

With the allotment of 68.6-acre land in Bargarh Industrial Area in Chitrakoot, Varun Beverages Ltd has proposed to invest approximately Rs 496.57 crore with estimated jobs amounting to 1,000.

About 24.7 hectares of land has been allocated in Saraswati Hi-Tech City, Naini-Prayagraj and the investor has proposed to invest Rs 1,052.57 crore with 1,500 employment opportunities while 26.1 hectares of land has been allocated in Trishundi Industrial Area-Amethi, where proposed investment is Rs 1,119.59 crores with 1,650 jobs expected.


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