OYO rolls out a discount for Mumbai’s stranded commuters as city goes orange until July 14


  • A torrential downpour has caused flooding in Mumbai, leaving several commuters stranded.
  • According to the Mumbai Meteorological Center, very heavy rainfall is likely to continue for the next 24 hours with occasional gusts of 40-50 km/h.
  • The Met department has also issued an orange warning for Mumbai until July 14.
  • While Mumbaikars look for alternative accommodation options in the wee hours of the day, oh yo has rolled out a discount in prices for commuters.

Since the onset of the monsoon season in Mumbai, local trains, known to be the lifeblood of the city, have been

Heavy rains in India’s financial capital are causing flooding in a number of places, including railway lines, slowing the movement of trains and even buses and taxis on the road.

Many commuters get stuck trying to travel home during rush hour, or seek refuge with a friend or relative near their workplace.

“Having lived in Mumbai for ten years, I have endured the stress of traveling home during heavy rains and flooding. For the past week, we have seen heavy rains lash the city almost every day, leading to disrupted traffic movements and flooding in large parts of the city,” said Shreerang Godbole, SVP – product and chief service officer of OYO.

While Mumbaikars are looking for alternative accommodation options into the wee hours of the day, hospitality brand OYO has introduced a discount on prices for commuters.

Stranded Mumbaikars can book an OYO near them with a 60% discount using the coupon code ‘MumbaiRain’.

“We have rolled out this offering to alleviate the challenges of Mumbaikars during the high season in Mumbai,” said Godbole.

The Indian Meteorological Department has a orange alarm in Mumbai until July 14.


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