Mukesh Ambani and Disney engage in intense bidding war for another IPL package – here’s why it matters


  • Of Disney star and Mukesh AmbanicAs Viacom18 wins the television and digital rights for the Indian subcontinent respectively, an intense war rages over Package C.
  • Package C was introduced for the first time. It is a special bundle of 18 non-exclusive matches per season.
  • The non-exclusive digital rights of 18 matches were valued at ₹1,700 crore on day two of the bidding. The base price for bundle C is ₹1,568 crore.

After Mukesh Ambani’s Viacom18 and Disney Star won digital and television rights, respectively, to one of the world’s richest cricket leagues, Indian Premier League, and the auction will continue to day three.

Up for grabs today are two bundles – packs C and D – which are relatively much smaller than primary packs A and B.

Package C was introduced for the first time. It is a special bundle of 18 non-exclusive matches per season.

Package D includes rights for international markets, both TV and digital, and has a
base value of ₹ 3 crore.

Ambani’s Viacom18 expected to go all-in

On day two of the media auction saw package C be
where the about ₹1,700 crore. The bundle includes the opening game, three playoffs, each season’s grand final and a pair of double headers over the weekend.

The base price for bundle C is ₹1,568 crore and it has already reached ₹2,400 crore
marking Today. The winner of package B can challenge package C with a higher bid.

“It has 98 games over five years in a non-exclusive digital category. There are 18 in the first two seasons, 20 in the next two and 24 in the final season,” a BCCI official told PTI.

What is the significance of package C for Viacom18?

According to media reports, there has been an aggressive war between Viacom18 and Disney Star for Package C.

If another media conglomerate packs pack C, they buy the rights to air 18 games for free. Such a scenario would hurt Viacom18 as it paid about ₹50 crore to stream a single game.

Ambani’s Viacom18 would be missing out on revenue from branded ads and subscriptions, as budget-conscious cricket fans with busy schedules may prefer to match the most important games for a smaller fee.

Viacom18 would therefore do everything in its power today to buy one more package and beat the competition.