I remember starting my entrepreneurial journey. There was so much to do, and never enough time. As the company grew, I realized that one of the ways to make the most impact and drive growth in the organization was through automation and delegation. Automation can seem daunting and a little scary at first, but once you see the results, it can be a game changer.

The benefits of automation

Using automation to perform repetitive tasks can be a huge time saver. The ability to ‘set and forget’ certain aspects of the business gives us more freedom to pursue those areas that need our attention. Think about working on the business rather than in the business.

It can also lead to increased profitability in your business. Save money on labor hours by automating certain tasks, such as IV campaigns, follow-up procedures and paying bills. The right automations in your company also contribute to an increase in productivity. With all your processes and workflows in place, you can find automation capabilities that give team members the freedom to work on the important tasks that need hands-on attention. With this increased productivity, you can ensure that your business is always moving forward and that nothing is left behind.

When you set up automated tasks, there is less chance of errors, which can save you both time and money. Consider using automation apps for your social media posts to ensure you don’t get content out on time. You may also want to implement automation into your accounting process by using software that allows costs to be imported at the click of a button rather than entering manually. Automated drip campaigns ensure efficient communication by regularly contacting prospects and current customers in your pipeline.

For many businesses getting their hands on a government tender is something that is very productive. In fact, there are multiple businesses that count government and its agencies as their clients. The government takes our tenders regularly where private businesses can bid. For a very long time, this process was done manually or through newspaper ads. However, of late, tender software, an interesting platform that lists down all the tenders along with their complete information has been changing the industry big time.

Do you remember the days of stuffing envelopes and hand-addressing letters to potential sellers? Post houses now offer automated versions of both tasks. In addition, automated communication can lead to a better customer experience because of timely response. Using a good CRM system is a great way to introduce automation into your business. The CRM system can manage your contacts and communications, provide insight into your KPIs, track your marketing and manage your leads. All of these contribute to the overall efficiency of your organization.

Automation has helped my organization through automated follow-up email and text dropper sequences to ensure a lead is never left behind. We also use automation to set up and confirm appointments with sellers. In marketing, we use it for our direct mail campaigns and responding to potential sellers on social platforms. When hiring, we use automation to help sort and communicate with potential applicants.

Get started with automation

Infographic created by DFIN

If you’re considering using automation in your business for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is ease of use. Make sure that the software or service you use makes your life easier, not more complicated. The second thing to consider is what is causing you the greatest pain point right now. Is there an automation that can solve a problem in your company? I would also recommend looking at where you stand in your company. Do you run in 50 different directions without help or extra time? Consider what automations you can implement to help you get your time back.

There are several ways you can identify areas of your business to use automation. Look for tasks that are repetitive. Look at your available manpower. Do you currently have enough people on your team to perform all the daily tasks?

Automation can help when you are a small team or a person running the business. The most important place to look is your processes. Where are the failure points? Where do the errors occur? By identifying these shortcomings and replacing them with automation, you can correct and improve those processes, leading to greater overall efficiency in the business.

Looking forward

Long-term benefits of implementing automation include increased profitability, accountability, productivity, and flexibility. It can help you regain your time, reduce errors in your processes, and even increase sales and lead generation. These factors contribute to your bottom line and the overall health of your organization. Once you’re able to identify areas where automation can help, don’t be afraid to use it. In business, it’s often these small adjustments that can really move you forward and lead you to success.


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