Honda Power starts electric battery exchange services at HPCL petrol pumps


  • HEID and HPCL are collaborating to start electric battery exchange services at HPCL service stations.
  • This allows rickshaw drivers to drop by the nearest battery stations that are being set up and swap dead batteries with fully charged ones.
  • The inauguration ceremony took place a few days ago on August 6.

Honda Honda engine Power Pack Energy India Private (HEID) and oil company Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) said Tuesday they had begun replacing electric batteries at HPCL gas stations.

HEID will conduct the battery exchange services that allow auto rickshaw drivers to stop at the nearest battery stations being set up and exchange depleted batteries with fully charged ones.

This will significantly reduce the initial cost of purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) for drivers

as well as allaying concerns about running out of batteries, the companies said in a statement.

“Removable batteries address key issues with EV adoption such as high upfront costs, range anxiety and long charging times,” said Sandeep Maheshwari, executive director of retail at HPCL.

Honda’s technology and HPCL’s 20,000+ retail outlets in the country will ensure scalability, he added.

HEID plans to create the largest battery exchange network with more than 70 stations in Bengaluru in the next 12 months. The service is also being expanded

to other major cities in a phased manner, the statement said.

“HEID would focus on three actions: expanding the battery exchange network in Bengaluru, ensuring reliable service with a highly integrated system that monitors each unique battery and exchanger, and supporting vehicle manufacturers developing electric vehicles using Honda Mobile Power. Pack,” said the spokesperson. Kiyoshi Itochairman and CMD at HEID.

The opening ceremony took place a few days ago on Aug. 6, the companies added.

In February this year, HEID and HPCL had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and a commercial agreement to work together for working in the e-mobility sector.

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