Hero Electric scooter catches fire in Odisha, no casualties or injuries reported


  • 8 months old HeroThe electric scooter catches fire while charging.
  • No casualties or injuries to anyone were reported.
  • Company denies scooter malfunction, says electrical outlet short circuit caused fire.

A Hero Photon Electric Scooter in Odisha reportedly caught fire while charging and the incident partially damaged the scooter.

According to media reports, the incident was first reported on Wednesday and is believed to be a short circuit in the outlet from which the electric scooter was charged overnight.

“When contacted, the customer explained that he heard abnormal creaking noises and discovered that fumes were coming from the electrical switchboard of the house, next to the e-scooter and that sparks were constantly falling on the floor and a can of paint in it. the neighbourhood.” the company said in a statement.

“By the time he turned off the power and went back to try to put out the fire, it spread and burned the rear part of the scooter and some household belongings,” it added.

The company reportedly reported that the engineering team later visited the site and analyzed the rear part of the scooter that had been burned.

“The most likely cause of the fire was the AC phase and ground wires coming into contact with each other (causing a short circuit) from home and the malfunctioning of the fuses that should have tripped in such a short circuit,” the statement said. spokesman. company said.

“We have also offered the customer every assistance in replacing the burnt parts on a cost basis and thoroughly testing his refurbished scooter for drivability,” it added.

Hero Electric is one of the leading electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India, selling a wide range of electric scooters to a wide range of customers.

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