Fire 200 engineers to ‘centralize’ operations, clarifies Ola


Driving Major ola on Monday clarified that nearly 200 engineers, including some in the software industry, have been asked to move from its 2,000-strong engineering workforce — 10 percent of the workforce — as part of a larger restructuring exercise toward its electric dream.

The company denied laying off 500 employees, adding that it is “centralizing operations and undertaking restructuring to minimize redundancy and build a strong side structure that strengthens relevant roles and functions”.

CNBC reported for the first time that nearly 500 employees are being laid off from the various software industries of ANI technologies that work like Ola Cabs.

“The company currently has approximately 2,000 engineers and aims to expand its pool of technical talent to 5,000 over the next 18 months,” the company said.

The company run by Bhavish Aggarwal has nearly 1,100 employees in its core business.

Past restructuring impacted employees in the company’s product, marketing, sales, supply, technology, business and operations industries, affecting nearly 500 employees who “were the result of restructuring in the Cars-market”. and Dash Activities”.

The major who has been using a lot recently retired his used vehicle business Ola Carsas well as its rapid trading activities, Ola Dashwhile the company shifted its focus to its electric two-wheelers and cars.

Ola said it plans to hire 5,000 engineers as it doubles down on new tech verticals and strengthens capabilities for vehicle, cell, battery, manufacturing and autonomous flows.

However, Ola ElectricSales are declining and the company sold 3,421 EV two-wheelers in August, down from 3,862 units the company sold in July.

More than half a dozen senior executives have left Ola Electric in recent months, while more than 30 senior executives have left Ola in the past two years.

Recently, Ashok Saraswat, Ola Electric’s head of advanced battery technology, moved on. Saraswat, who joined SoftBank-backed Ola last year, is reportedly going to join a company entering the battery business.

While EV two-wheeler sales fell on fears of battery fires, Okinawa Autotech, PureEV and Ola Electric recalled 6,656 vehicles after battery explosion incidents increased in the country.

The government has said it is being extra vigilant about EV safety standards and experts are on the job.


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