Eco-friendly gifts for Father’s Day


For the father or father figure in your life, a few gift ideas from companies that think outside the box when it comes to how we do business.

Swedish essentials brand ASKET has been making streamlined sustainable garments since 2015 with a mission to end overconsumption and restore value to the apparel industry. The Overshirt– designed to be the purest interpretation of the garment, this piece is made from 100% organic military grade cotton twill and is 96% traceablemiles ahead of the industry standard. The pique poloDesigned to fill the space for men between a basic tee and a stuffy shirt, the core is a custom-developed soft and sturdy, breathable organic cotton knit. ASKET’s straight-cut silhouette is embellished with a perfectly balanced collar and seamless French placket with their signature tonal mother-of-pearl buttons.

Environmentally conscious Parisian sneaker brand VEJA was founded in 2004 with sustainability, fair trade and strong labor practices at the core of the brand’s DNA. The entire process from seed to shoe takes place in Brazil and Peru, where fair wages and working conditions adhere to biodynamic practices, as well as materials such as wild Amazon rubber, organic and Fair Trade cotton, rice waste, sugar cane and recycled plastic bottles. VEJA’s latest addition to their running collection would make a thoughtful gift.

the impalaPerfect for exercisers across the spectrum of fitness routines, this model is lightweight, agile and stable, giving a workout versatility and comfort. The Impala is made from ecologically sourced materials such as sugar cane, Amazon rubber, rice waste, recycled plastic and castor oil.

Noble Oak, an award-winning whiskey brand, was founded with the aim of offering a great whiskey that gives back: every bottle plants a tree. In fact, Noble Oak doubles by planting two trees for every bottle sold from April to June. Since its foundation in 2017, Noble Oak has partnered with Planted a tree to plant trees in needy areas across the country and the program has resulted in nearly 500,000 trees planted and about to be planted in the U.S. – from California’s Redwood Forest to Detroit, Michigan, to the Finger Lakes in New York, and everywhere in between. The glass used in all Noble Oak products is 100% recyclable and all point of sale paper is made from recycled materials or is FSC certified.

Noble Oak’s parent company, Edrington, has committed to becoming a carbon neutral company for our distilleries, offices and travel by 2030, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 70% compared to 2016 levels.

These shoes are sure to start a conversation: the Revive slip-on, designed to aid recovery and for those who like a little support and cushioning action. The Life Cycle of Kane .’s Flagship Revive Loafers – from harvesting the raw materials for their sugarcane-based shoes to shipping them in FSC-certified packaging – is an effort to use more environmentally friendly production processes. Kane ensures that their injection molding process produces zero waste, with each scrap ground up and used in future shoes. Their BounceBack foam is made from sugar cane ethanol. Will shoes look like this in the future? Kane certainly hopes so.

Icelandic heritage brand and B Corp certified company, 66°North’s has a handful of great products that are perfect for the active and on-the-go father figure in your life. Kársnes windbreakerAvailable in multiple colorways ranging from neutrals such as black and grey/silver to more vibrant options such as bright berry and lime green, the windbreaker is a breathable windbreaker designed to be worn for spring/summer outdoor activities. Suitable for running, cycling, hiking and more, this jacket features reflective stripes, two zipped front pockets and a zipped back pocket.

In addition to using more environmentally friendly materials, 66°North, which has been carbon neutral since 2019, publishes all of their carbon-related data on their website for customers to follow if they are interested. The company also makes efforts to reduce waste in production or use it elsewhere. Their Vik gloves, for example, are made with scraps of their PowerStretch fabric.

Rothy’s makes machine washable shoes and bags from 100% recycled materials. The RS01 sneaker features knitted from Rothy’s signature thread (spun from plastic water bottles). The sneaker combines durability with Rothy’s guarantee of washability (yes, you can even throw these nice sneakers in your washing machine!). While Rothy’s started out with mostly women’s shoes, they have recently added more products for men, including this new stylish take on the classic sneaker.

Terra Thread bags are made of organic cotton from India. Working only with fair trade certified factories and following GOTS guidelines, the brand strives to offer the most ethical products at affordable prices. The duffel bagsAvailable in countless colours, can serve as an everyday gym bag or for weekend outings.

As the company offsets its footprint, all products are certified carbon neutral and every purchase gives back to Feeding America, a charity committed to ending hunger in America. Unlike most bags in the industry that are made from polyester and synthetic materials, Terra Threads products are made entirely from organic cotton, which they work tirelessly to source directly from farmers and help them transition to regenerative organic. .

blueview, a newcomer to the shoe market, is replacing petroleum plastics with their own plant-based biodegradable “plastics”. Each pair of shoes dedicates more than six years to research and development and includes: Soleic®, a biodegradable polyurethane foam, and PlantKnitTM, a plant-based (hemp and eucalyptus combo) and biodegradable machine-knit shoe upper. These slide-ons are great for the summer and fall months. Give daddy a pair of shoes that eventually break, which may seem strange, but isn’t that the ideal: shoes that get dirty again?


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