Building a business on a budget through social media


dr. Nadir Qazi, founder, Qazi Cosmetic Clinic, is a certified cosmetic doctor and instructor for adv. injections and laser techniques.

We live in the richest media landscape since the beginning. It’s a landscape where anyone anywhere in the world can easily and consistently reach an audience without spending a dime. The power of this reality has catapulted entrepreneurship to new heights. Coupled with The Great Resignation – the mass exodus of the workforce to remote locations and the start of new entrepreneurial businesses around the world – we are in an exciting era of individual empowerment.

So I’d like to share a few tips on how I built my business through social media with not a lot of money but with a determination to succeed.

Rule 1: Create a strong foundation for your business.

Rome was not built in a day and neither was a successful business. Becoming an entrepreneur can be the most challenging and exciting rollercoaster ride of a person’s life. And if you succeed, it will also be the most rewarding endeavor of your life.

When I launched my cosmetic and plastic surgery practice, I had to be thoughtful and strategic. I opened in perhaps the most competitive geographic area in the country, and I didn’t have much money for the expensive equipment and marketing budgets that my competitors boasted. What I did have was my passion for serving my clients coupled with my skills and talents, my drive to build my business my way, and a willingness to take the plunge.

Armed with my credentials as a certified physician, a fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, an instructor for advanced injections and laser techniques, and a sculptor who studied under the greats, I slowly began to build my practice. I first focused on meeting my clients’ needs by providing safe, immediate and amazing results. I listened to my customers’ needs and my business grew rapidly. Soon I was able to buy the equipment I desired and start selling on a larger scale.

What I found was that they didn’t matter. They weren’t the defining moments that built my business the way I thought they would be. Here’s what there was: A customer-centric service model is the foundational pillar of my business. My brand is the engine, marketing provides the fuel and technology drives the wheels of my success. This means that I focus first on understanding my customers – their wants, needs, fears, questions and curiosity. I provide answers to them in a safe to explore social media forum where they can get to know me, my style, my practice and how the procedures work without having to see me in person. This is the power of social media, and it’s how I’ve built my brand and grown my business, even during and after the Covid-19 quarantine.

Rule #2: Know your audience.

Understand their mindset and buying habits, then dominate the media where they go to learn, engage, inspire and get motivated. This is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs. We often think, “My audience is everywhere! I can be anywhere!” But we can’t be good everywhere. So, especially in the beginning, you may want to try out a few platforms to see where you get the most attention and which ones work best for you. Then you ultimately want to choose a niche market and specialize in one or two platforms. For example, I am present on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. But Instagram and TikTok are my brand drivers.

It may seem like the world heard about TikTok just yesterday, but it’s one of the fastest growing communication and media platforms in the world (along with Twitch), thanks in large part to the Covid-19 quarantine and the need to stay entertained and connected. Plus, it’s lively, fun, uses trends and engages audiences in short chunks, sparking my clients’ curiosity and still satisfying today’s shorter attention spans.

Through TikTok and Instagram, I can showcase new and traditional treatments by showing how they work on real people, in real time. I am also able to address common concerns and myths. I’ve found Instagram is the best place to show videos, roles, and before and after photos of my work. The platform also allows for longer explanations of newer or non-traditional procedures that potential clients may not have heard of.

Via Instagram and Facebook I have direct contact with potential customers to answer their questions and concerns and to schedule appointments or consultations. My business is visual, so the platforms I prefer are visual and give people a glimpse into the procedures and results, without the pressure of a one-on-one consultation. It serves as a preliminary discussion. The more I can involve them in my posts, videos, and roles, the more likely they are to ask questions and move through my sales funnel, as they feel more secure in knowing aspects of my solutions that they never knew or thought they would. to ask.

Rule #3: Make social media fun.

Think of social media as your own TV channel: your own interactive site for instant one-to-one conversations that are actually one-to-many. Have fun creating the content.

Rule #4: Always look for the new.

Stay on top of trends to rank high in the algorithm. The more you use the latest tools on social media, the more the platform sees you as a friend. Stay on top of topics and trends in your industry so you stay relevant to your customers, and you’ll have a much easier time growing and enjoying your business.

I’m grateful that we live in an age of rich media opportunities where we can reach audiences on any budget. Starting a business can be challenging, but it should also be fun and exciting. As a new entrepreneur, be creative in building your business and have fun doing it. Business Council is the leading growth and networking organization for entrepreneurs and leaders. Am I eligible?


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