BITS Pilani’s Startup Accelerator Conquest Hosts Its Demo Day in Bangalore


  • Conquest is a student-run startup accelerator run by 30 engineering students from BITS Pilani.
  • It started as a B-plan contest by the GreyOrange founders during their student days at BITS Pilani.
  • The 7-week accelerator program will eventually culminate in a Demo Day.

In India, the era of fast-moving tech startups was ushered in after the 2000s, with the launch of smartphones, cheaper internet access and positive regulation in space. Since then, the startup ecosystem has gone through a phase of rapid development, seeing multiple cycles in extremely compressed time.

We now see the ecosystem accelerating its growth rate as it rushes to match the startup worlds in the US and Europe. Global interest in the ‘Indian Dream’ has never been greater, with Jio, UPI and ONDC generating the momentum to justify this confidence.

Conquest, a student-run startup accelerator that contributes and accelerates this growth, is run by 30 engineering students from BITS Pilani who strive to create value for aspiring startup founders.

Conquest started as a B-plan competition by the founders of GreyOrange during their student days at BITS Pilani. Over the years, it has evolved into a full-fledged startup accelerator model, inspired by Y Combinator. It is run by a group of students from BITS Pilani with the aim of bringing value to the startups that come to Conquest; by solving critical issues such as fundraising, mentorship, networking and scaling these startups face as they enter the market.

It has successfully disbursed no equity grants worth more than ₹60 lakhs for the past two years, solving the equity dilution issue for startup founders.

Conquest 2019 Grand Final at The Leela Palace – Bangalore

The extensive 7-week accelerator program will eventually culminate in the Demo Day, the grand finale of the entire accelerator program; where the 15 most promising startups (out of 2,000 registered) will fly to Bangalore and pitch themselves in front of a jury composed of top VCs, angel investors, representatives of partners such as Nexus Venture Partners, Matrix Partners and other prominent stakeholders of the ecosystem .

The Demo Day will be held on August 28 at Shangri-La in Bangalore and will be attended by founders and investment partners of some of India’s leading startups and government representatives.

Speakers crossing different domains, such as Sumit Gwalani from Fi, Vishesh Khurana from Shiprocket, Rahul Sharma van Zetwerk, and Srikanth Velamakanni of, Ashish Singhal of Coinswitch among others; will participate in illuminating panel discussions.

If you would like to be part of the Demo Day, you can register directly here:

This year, Conquest hosted more than 100 experienced founders, VPs and CXOs from Meesho, HBO, BigBasket and more as mentors. They have delivered over 350 mentoring sessions to the Conquest’22 cohort. It also has a large resource pool of partners such as AWS, Notion and Freshworks

BITS Pilani's Startup Accelerator Conquest Hosts Its Demo Day in Bangalore
Partners participating in an insightful panel discussion

Conquest is backed by some of the ecosystem’s biggest names, with WestBridge Capital as its title sponsor – a highly experienced investment firm that manages more than $5.6 billion in India and South Asia. It is also supported by SolRazr, the first decentralized developer ecosystem for Solana as a Web3 Track Sponsor.

Conquest also has IDFC FIRST Bank as its exclusive banking partner, offering a comprehensive range of products and services for startups. Aditya Birla Ventures is the venture partner, supporting new-age, high-growth companies that have the potential to become industry leaders; and EY as the title sponsor, one of the world’s largest professional networks providing advisory, insurance, tax and transactional services.

Conquest also collaborated with WeWork Labs as an innovation partner, a global acceleration platform for startup startups, SMBs, investors and enterprises providing access to capital, education, mentorship, cost-saving credit and premium collaborative workspaces for the founders in Conquest 2022.

Venus Communiti, a Bangalore-based company focused on providing an all-in-one immersive living and work experience for entrepreneurs and professionals, is also this year’s startup experience partner.

Another initiative the Conquest team conceived this year was the India Portfolio Summit, a weekend summit that described the growth of the Indian startup ecosystem from the 1980s. The summit was a huge success and saw some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds, including Aadit Palicha, Piyush Shah, Vibhor Jain and Dipti Tandon, come together to talk about their travels.

BITS Pilani's Startup Accelerator Conquest Hosts Its Demo Day in Bangalore

Here’s a glimpse of this year’s Conquest cohort:

PredictRAM DeFi (

PredictRAM’s Risk Management Protocol uses AI.M, CI and Web 3 technologies that have created event-specific multi-asset-backed traded tokens ETT to reduce individual portfolio risk at a low cost.

StreamMoney (

StreamMoney is building a utility transfer protocol that transfers conditional ownership of NFTs without collateral. It facilitates P2P rental of NFTs, NFT ticketing, memberships and subscriptions (Live on Solana Devnet).

Fragments (v. Gullak party) (

Gullak Party enables diligent investors to set up investment DAOs for purchase-based investments with retailers.

statistical (

Statlogic is a deep-tech company that develops artificial intelligence-based solutions in animal husbandry and dairy farming.

Green Tiger Mobility Private Limited (

It is the first company in India to offer a dual powertrain on two-wheelers.

dissolve (

Debound is creating a whole new category in the edtech space by cleverly integrating the best extracurricular skills from their palette into school-level academics.

enpointe (

“enpointe” allows influencers to authenticate products by giving them a virtual showcase on a collective platform.

OriginKnect (

OriginKonnect takes a holistic approach to simplifying the global agri-food trade by building a technology B2B supply chain platform for agri-food exporters and importers.

cargo fox (

With FreightFox, customers (manufacturing companies) experience better control, visibility and data-driven decision making for logistics procurement and operations.

UNINO Healthcare Private Limited (

UNINO has designed and developed patented technology for a chest drain management system called PleuraGoh®.

Euphotic Labs (

Nosh is an AI-based home robot that makes cooking hassle-free and allows consumers to easily eat healthy and freshly cooked food for home.

Scrolling (

Scrollify is a bite-sized content platform, they use trendy bite-sized content to create a platform for upskilling for industry professionals and students.

Xebra Biztech LLP (

Xebra is a SaaS ERP for B2B MSMEs that provides entrepreneurs real-time action based on their business performance.

Daffodils Health (

Daffodil Health helps children with special needs and their families solve the large supply-demand gap in the healthcare ecosystem through groundbreaking Parent Mediated Therapies.

Aiverse (

Aiverse is a deep tech ecosystem enabler on the blockchain. It is dedicated to the collaboration, creation and dominance of deep tech.

BITS Pilani's Startup Accelerator Conquest Hosts Its Demo Day in Bangalore
Scout My Trip – Winner of Conquest 2019, will receive shares minus cash prize of ₹3 lakhs

Disclaimer: This article was published in collaboration with Conquest, BITS Pilani


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