Belly button shaper to Ayurvedic ice cream – here are the most bizarre pitches on Shark Tank India


  • The Indian version of the original show Shark cage premiered on December 20, 2021.
  • Belly shaper and burger maggi were some weird pitches in Season 1 of Shark Tank.
  • Let’s take a look at some of the bizarre and weird pitches below Shark Tank India season 1.

Season 1 of Shark Tank India swept people across the country with unprecedented craze. The reality show has been helpful to many entrepreneurs who have received investment for their businesses, start-ups and ideas. Also, but the show has also been a learning experience for enthusiasts to know exactly how a start-up is built.

Participants, such as Jugaadu Kamlesh, solved a problem that farmers were experiencing with his multi-purpose wagon that can help farmers plow, sow and water their fields. We’ve seen some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs on the show so far. However, some absurd business ideas were also seen as unnecessary and bizarre by sharks and viewers alike.

Here we’ll look at some of the most bizarre business ideas that made the show, but failed to generate investment and left us with one thought: “Bhai kya kar rha hai tu?”

Sippline mask for a drinking glass

Rohit Warrier introduced the Sippline drinking shields, also known as the ‘glass ka mask’, to the sharks. According to Rohit, the product acts as a protective cover that can be attached to the edge of a glass to protect the user from germs and dirt from the edge of the glass.

Ashneer Grover, one of the sharks, was very disappointed with the product and said he would never want to witness a product like this again in his life.

Gol Nabhi navel shaper

It was one of those fields where sharks burst out laughing. Company founders Jayshree Jumnani and Baldev Jumnani showed off a bizarre product used to make umbilical cords rounder and more attractive. The founders even demonstrated the product at the show.

Founder also revealed that he came up with the idea for a navel shaper because of his deep and round belly fantasy.

Poo De Cologne – chic toilet spray

Aditi Talwar, a woman from Mumbai, introduced a ‘Poo De Cologne’ toilet spray that was infused with essential oils. The spray was used before and after toilet use to suppress the unpleasant odors.

According to sharks, the product did not have the leg to work in the Indian market and was a bit expensive.

Ayurvedic ice cream

Gopal’s 56, an ice cream company, offers a wide variety of fiber ice cream, including Ayurvedic ice cream. According to the participant, the ice cream would help with weight loss because of the prebiotic components. Sharks were forced to leave because the founder asked for an investment of ₹300 crore, the highest amount ever asked on the show.

Tween In One – a reversible clothing range

Niti Singhal, the founder of the company presented an innovative fashion concept. She had created a convertible and reversible clothing line in which each outfit could be worn in two different ways. Sharks had a mixed reaction, saying the product was very expensive for the Indian market.

Aglio e Olio Maggi – citizen Maggi

Rahul Daga and Arpit Kabra, the founders of Hungry Head, presented their innovative Maggi-based food products, such as burger Maggi, Aglio e olio Maggi and pani puri Maggi. While the sharks appreciated their food and loved the taste, this Maggi concept failed to impress the sharks as they thought the concept was not interesting enough for the investment.


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