Airline tickets may become more expensive this holiday season, as there are no maximum ticket prices from now on


As of August 31, there will be no cap on ticket prices, and airlines have flexibility in setting flight tickets.

However, experts said strong competition among the airlines could lead to benefits for fliers and many airlines could offer discounts according to the requirements.

Aviation expert Harshvardhan said: “The move will give airlines flexibility in determining airline tickets and airlines can charge fees according to their policies. The maximum price for airline tickets has been more on the higher side. A new airline has arrived and there is competition in the industry To attract travelers, some airlines are likely to come up with offers.”

An industry source said airlines have the freedom to decide on airfare prices depending on prevailing market conditions. They may raise prices during the holiday season, as higher rates will increase margins, he said.

Previously, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had said that after assessing the current status of Planned Domestic Operations In view of passenger demand for air travel, it has been decided to remove the fare groups reported from time to time in relation to the airline tickets with effect from 31 August.

The ministry had imposed upper and lower limits on air tickets following the resumption of services in May 2020 following the first two-month nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19. Thereafter, the limits were gradually relaxed in line with the improvement of air traffic in the country.

The lower limits were intended as a relief for airlines struggling after the Covid-19 pandemic. At the same time, the upper limits for airline tickets have been established to ensure that passengers do not have to pay a significant amount for air travel.

Previously, there were discussions about abolishing the tariff bands for domestic airline tickets between the stakeholders, including the government and airlines. Airlines were of the opinion that removing the tariff caps is necessary for a full recovery of domestic air traffic.

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