Agra tourism industry is growing, despite pollution and war cries


The steady increase in the number of footsteps during the Dussehra holiday and Diwali holidays have boosted the hopes of the locals tourism industry that had taken a beating during the pandemic years.

“The clouds of despair and despondency have dissipated and we hope to welcome a record number of tourists this season, although the number of foreign visitors has not yet gained momentum,” said a Taj Ganj hotelier, Sandip.

The catering industry in agra hopes that the number of European tourists can rise as there has been a remarkable improvement in travel facilities and a relatively safer environment in Uttar Pradesh.

“India remains a colorful and affordable destination for most foreign tourists. A large number of tourists who land in Goa take a short break to visit Agra and Jaipur, but as there is no air connection between Agra and Goa, tourism suffers,” guide Ved Gautam said.

Despite the sky pollution in Delhi and Agra people go out. The tourist season has started cheerfully with thousands of foreign visitors visiting the Taj Mahal to see the monument of love against the rising sun.

The Taj undoubtedly remains a firm favorite, and the hundreds of foreign visitors who are here as early as 6am clearly means they’ve spent the night in Agra hotels. Hoteliers say overnight stays have declined, but there seems to be no evidence of this fear. The monsoon rains in September caused a decrease in air pollution in the vicinity of the Taj and the Yamuna also flooded at the back.

“Foreign tourists are simply mesmerized by the Taj Mahal’s charm and spend hours at the monument,” said a guide accompanying a group from Italy.

In October, however, the smog began to engulf the entire city, reducing visibility in the morning. But this has not stopped tourists from visiting the Mughal monuments.

“Holidays are a time for student groups from all over India to visit the Taj Mahal and other historical monuments in Agra. Admission for children under 15 remains free.”

Tourism organizations in the city blame government agencies for not maintaining the roads and public facilities. This generates a lot of negativity about tourism in Agra.

“The police are quite indifferent to the problems tourists face from unauthorized guides called ‘Lapkas’ who harass and harass the tourists everywhere.”


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