7 books on financial and mental wealth


Whether you’re a leader at a company, your startup, or at home, it may be time to change your view of your definition of wealth. This is where decisions based on values ​​come into play.

You can be a leader in any role you see impacting your life. Yet many leaders prefer to let outside factors influence their decisions and responses both financially and emotionally. What would happen instead if you looked inside to make your next move?

By delineating what you care about most and why you have overcome certain obstacles or diversity, you can create a new idea of ​​wealth. It could be a plan to optimize yourself and those around you, or just your finances. Start thinking about why the successful moments in challenging situations became successful and what the decisions were that led to them.

Here you can leave it at a simple theory, or you can pick up one of these new releases to help you put thoughts into action and take the next steps in your definition of wealth in the short and long term.

1. dr. Thomas Epperson – Inner Will

Your business cannot thrive without knowing its mission and values. Likewise, a great leader will not thrive in their role without knowing and adhering to their internal values. Outside influences should be put in the background.

With a PhD in leadership from The George Washington University and more than 20 years of experience as a leadership coach, inner will by dr. Thomas Epperson tells you the different steps required for values-based leadership and how it can change your mental well-being, your company’s relationships, trajectory and financial wealth.

2. Kyle Bachus – Unthinkable

How do you react when disaster strikes? It can be difficult to think clearly and find answers through all the legalities, financial implications and grief. This is why Unthinkable by Kyle Bachus shows you how his job as a lawyer representing families in disastrous injury and death cases became a reality for him when his mother was hit and killed on a crosswalk.

Bachus will help you understand not only the financial and legal steps that arise from an incident, but also how to focus on what matters in the moment and ultimately find emotional and mental peace.

3. Susan L. Combs – Pancakes for Roger

It’s not easy to get to the top of the mountain, especially if you grew up with no one in sight. Susan L. Combs considers herself a “Missouri girl in a New York world,” after moving from the Midwestern and jet setting to New York, where she founded Combs & Company at age 26.

Along with many of her achievements and how she made her money young, Combs introduces you to the steps it’s taken and the lessons learned in the process of scaling the industry as a woman, all while sharing some of the chief wisdom and mental clarity of her late father, the namesake of her foundation, Pancakes for Roger

4. Andy Sherring – Don’t Digitize Your Waste

Most companies struggle to sustain improvement and productivity. More than likely your business has ever been or ever will be. Lean into Andy Sherring’s roadblocks and guidance on why this is happening in companies with Don’t digitize your waste

His experience in the mining industry will teach you how to remove these barriers and improve your assets, but you can also leave with the knowledge in radically changing operations to achieve exponential success now and in the future.

5. Logan Rankin – Find Your Financial Freedom

Retiring at 30 is the way most of us would have liked to play our lives. Still, you may still be working behind a desk for a steady income for the foreseeable future. This is not the path of Logan Rankin, who as a self-taught investor knows his financial do’s and don’ts. Find your financial freedom

Learn about common money myths, investments, and financial freedom. By the time you put this book down, you’ll know how to move forward feeling safe with your money and potentially freeing up time from your working years.

6. Reza Tokzadeh – The Lawyer as CEO

Would you have what it takes to be a lawyer and CEO of your own firm? Can you harness every storm and reassure your employees? In The lawyer as CEOReza Tokzadeh explains how he has worked for his company to become both an industry leader and himself as a lawyer and CEO.

Tokzadeh has achieved this by turning lemons into lemonade when fiscal and mental challenges inevitably arise. If you are a lawyer or know someone who is, keep this book handy as a way to advance yourself as a CEO or to CEO status as you increasingly take your employees and company with you.

7. Michael Lynch – It’s all about the income

Making the retirement dream of traveling and not having to worry about finances is within reach, according to Michael Lynch. In It’s all about the income, Lynch sets up a system for you and your money so that your dreams can become reality despite the possibilities of a fluctuating economy or living conditions. Keep in mind: the sooner the better when planning your finances. So, if you feel like you’ll never be able to quit your job, grab this book to help you get started while getting ahead of the retirement game.


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