5G will improve network performance in India: TRAI chairman


Telecom Regulatory Body of India (TRAI) Chairman Dr. PD Vaghela said Friday that the introduction of 5G technology will enable India to achieve the goal of digital empowerment and improve the well-being of the people.

“5G technology would provide significant improvements in network performance and is likely to transform industries and society, putting the country on an unprecedented growth trajectory. 5G would have a huge impact on several industries and on the overall economy,” he said at a workshop here. .

Vaghela also said that India is now the second largest telecom market in the world with 117 crore telecom subscribers and 825 million broadband subscribers.

He said India views technology as a key element for two things, one for rapid economic growth and the second for social and digital inclusion. According to him, the Digital India program has helped a lot in expanding the use of technology and the Digital India profile has undergone a huge change in various sectors.

The TRAI chief also highlighted how stakeholders can work together to accelerate the deployment of 5G deployment infrastructure, taking into account the issues and challenges in the northeastern states. He said the government’s main focus is on providing internet and digital access to everyone, including those with disabilities, to ensure that every part of society gets connectivity at all costs.

On the need to use new digital technology for social and economic development, Vaghela said that digitization of the economy and also social life is paramount in today’s world.

He stressed the need for digital literacy and digital infrastructure and said that developing digital infrastructure and connectivity to every household is a must and that it is the only way for an ordinary citizen to explore the possibilities of an economy.


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