It has been observed that customers only trust a product or service when it has more than 4+ ratings. As you can imagine, you should have positive reviews to boost sales. But, now the question arises how you can get positive customer reviews? If you are searching for the answer, you have arrived at the right place. 

As per statistics, when a product or service gets five reviews, the chances of being purchased or availed increases by 270%.Thus, you should: 


1. Offer Discounts/Rewards/Incentives 

You can provide a small token of appreciation, when customers avail your service. This will reflect well in the online reviews. Many educational service providers offer sign up bonus, referral bonus or bulk order discounts. You can do so and also offer a voucher, coupon or discount for submitting a My assignment help reviews on review platforms like,,,, Quora, etc. 

Do not forget to send a thank-you note via email, to showcase personal touch. You can automate this process. 

2. Showcase Good Reviews

You must display positive reviews on your website. If you wish to draw the attention of more people, you should include them in your promotion, like email marketing. You can consider a review widget or feedback option on the home page of your website. You can take advantage of the screenshots in your marketing media, such as newsletters, videos and brochures. 

Upon seeing positive reviews, customers place an order. And if you provide them with top-notch service, they can say for sure that you stay true to your words and that the reviews posted online are authentic. 

3. Offer Reply to the Negative Reviews 

As per the experts, a negative review can lead to a 22% loss in the search list of your potential clients. Thus, it is imperative that you address the negative reviews and first apologize for the errors. Next, you make a note of the issues faced by the students. If possible, offer a solution by asking for the assignment order ID. 

Most educational service providers’ customer executives act inappropriately in this situation. Well, the executives must express their gratitude for the feedback. If you are able to convert the negative review into a positive review, you should ask for permission to post the fact that the issue was taken care of. 

4. Be Active on Social Media and Community Websites

You should actually offer legitimate solutions if the students have queries. This will show that you are genuinely concerned about the academic progress or growth of the students. Thus, you have to be active on Facebook, Instagram, students’ forums, Quora, Google, etc. If you read the MyAssignmenthelp reviews, you will find that the executives as well the experts offer valuable assistance to the students. 

Also, you must tactfully incorporate reviews between informative posts. You never know when a satisfactory review will trigger someone else to bestow their faith in your service. A strong online presence will help in creating positive brand equity. And, it will also keep you on top of your customer’s minds. 

5. Request Your Customers for Reviews 

Last but not least, perform the basic step. You must ask your customers to leave a review behind once they have availed the academic assistance service. If the students are satisfied with the academic assistance, you should ask them, “How was the experience availing the service?” When they reply in a positive manner, ask them whether they would mind posting a review on the platform you are associated with. 

You can take care of the above-mentioned business via email. You should request positive reviews for use on social media platforms only if you receive affirmative comments and permission from the customer. 

If you follow these steps, you are sure to receive positive testimonials. But, you must offer the services that are written on your website. You should always provide students with honest academic support in their times of need.