13 Surefire Methods To Make The Most Of Instagram For Ecommerce


Instagram has become a surprisingly profitable showcase for ecommerce brands. Not only can businesses of all sizes showcase their products to a global audience, the platform also offers features that can be used to engage with current and potential customers in entirely new ways.

While business owners can draw on their experiences with other online platforms, using Instagram and Instagram-specific features can take a business to new heights. Below the members of gotechbusiness.com Business Council share how organizations can take full advantage of all that Instagram has to offer as a platform to increase ecommerce sales.

1. Be active

It’s simple: get active and post daily. Instagram, like all social media, is a critical tool for businesses in every industry. As a contract-based company, we’ve found there’s a stigma around social media, with some declaring it “pointless”. We’ve had ads and promotions on Instagram for years. Done right, it drives followers, community engagement, online credibility, and customers. † Sam KaufmanOn The Level Construction, LLC

2. Use targeted advertising campaigns

Advertising on Instagram to existing customers or to potential customers who were recently on your website can be an effective way to generate additional sales without spending hardly any advertising dollars or building an Instagram presence. Customers are used to buying products on Instagram, so it’s a great place to remind them of your brand and products. † Louise Hendondoggie karma

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3. Create an interactive customer experience

You need to continuously post interactive images and video-based content on Instagram to attract followers and potential buyers. Work on identifying the right content that your buyers connect with and upload it to the Instagram platform. † Piyush Jainduckbill

4. Adopt tools early

Adapt and use the latest Instagram tools with ease. When Instagram came out with Reels, we became a Reels influencer. Because we use their latest tools, Instagram promotes our brand, products and services for us because they want to show the dynamism of their new tools. We have the advantage of being featured more often and in front of a larger audience. † Nadir Qazi, DOQazi Cosmetic Clinic

5. Go Instagram Live

Instagram is one of the best social commerce platforms out there. The journey starts with the people you know and extends to friends of friends or influencers presenting their latest purchase. The best strategy is to use the Instagram Live feature to bring shopping experiences online and create content that is more educational and relatable to motivate everyone to share. † Abigail Aboitiz

6. Connect with your audience

It is important to build an authentic audience on social media. There is so much noise, but authenticity and user-driven content can help businesses connect with potential customers. † Genevieve Ryan BellaireReal world

7. Leverage User Generated Content

Boost user-generated content by having an influencer review kit or similar depending on your industry. You want to get a buzz around your business, and by putting your product in the hands of influencers and reviewers, your consumers can imagine using the product, especially when they hear positive reviews! † Udi DornerSet schedule

8. Mark Happy Customers

One of the most powerful ways to use Instagram or any other social media platform is to showcase satisfied customers. Testimonial video content gets more views than just photos or text. Ask customers to share their reviews via video and have someone in-house flag them so everyone who scrolls knows which company they’re connected to. † Susan SlyRadius AI, Inc.

9. Be selective with features

Do not use all functions, but only select the functions that suit you. If you want to reach customers who are looking for a luxury item, encourage them to send direct messages instead of sending a comparison shop by putting prices on products. You can do that by following the content comparison that combines product, lifestyle images and user-generated content. This way you attract customers instead of pushing sales. † Marilisa Barbieric

10. Reuse content from other platforms

Remarket the content you use on other social platforms for Instagram. Digital marketing should be a big part of your strategy, and people specifically spend a lot of time on social media. It can be overwhelming to think of all the channels you should be using, but using the same content in multiple places will save you time and resources. † Ty AllenSocialClimbing

11. Use analytics to drive marketing segmentation strategies

The exciting aspect of this social media trend is the customer information powered by informational analytics that can be piped into market segmentation strategies. Using digital technologies to bolster your marketing strategy creates sales and new branding opportunities. Take advantage of the data and learn how to use it to fuel your sales strategy. † Leigh BurgessBold Industries Group, Inc.

12. Make teasers

Instagram is a great way to quickly showcase what you have to offer. My advice is to make teasers that are short and to the point and direct people to a place where they can have a full overview. † Bram WeertsKea | Analyst Relations

13. Driving Traffic to Other Sites

To capitalize on this trend, organizations can use Instagram to drive traffic to their websites or online stores. By posting photos and videos of their products and using hashtags and links, brands can encourage their followers to visit their sites and make a purchase. In addition, brands can use Instagram to run promotional campaigns or giveaways, which can further increase traffic and sales. † Matthew Ramirezreformulate