In the current world, where digital needs are growing everyday, it is impossible for a single organization to build all solutions required by the customers. This is where white label agencies come into the picture. These agencies provide white label services to their customers or third parties.

White label services are those services or software that are often developed by one company and sold to another. The buyer can then customize this service with their brand logo, information, vision, etc. The most common types of white label services include:

  1. Websites design and development
  2. Web or mobile application design and development
  3. E-commerce store launching

White label services provide a variety of advantages to both small scale and medium scale businesses. Read through this list of ten unbelievable facts about white label services to understand more about their services!

10 facts about white label

1. White label services can be hired by anyone

There is no legal, formal or contractual requirement for hiring white label service providers. If you have a software or service requirement, you can hire a company that provides white label marketing services. Since their products are often customized according to client requirements, white label agencies can be hired by any type of business, regardless of the industry, size and location.

2. White label agencies can help you save time and money

In any business, regardless of its size, time and money are limited. Working with freelancers or other agencies means you have to work according to their budget and timeline. On the other hand, white label services are cheaper, more industry-specific and ideal for any growing business. A white label agency can complete all tasks from project planning to market analysis.

3. Hiring white label agencies provides a high Rate of Interest (ROI)

White Label solutions provide excellent ROI. As aforementioned, a white label agency can take care of all the tasks required of a project. You don’t need to hire in-house staff or train any interns to meet the project requirements. You can also ask for wholesale products/services and then resell these under your brand, increasing your average ROI.

4. It is easy to build a brand with white labelling

For small businesses, brand identity is everything. However, since funding is limited, it can become difficult to build a brand identity. White labelling services simplify this process and accelerate this requirement, allowing you to redirect your money elsewhere.  

5. White label agencies often work in a specific niche

There are various types of white label products and services available. However, white label agencies generally provide only one type of service. For example, a content writing agency rarely doubles as a web development agency. Therefore you get industry-specific information and can keep up with local trends.

White label services often partner with other agencies like digital marketing agencies to provide their services. These tie-ups are beneficial to all three parties: the client receives unique, creative work, while the digital marketing agency and white label agency can expand their client base.

6. White label agencies have more control over their product

White label agencies are selective about the types of clients they serve. This means while they work in a specific industry, they are also particular about the companies they sell their product to. This allows them complete control over who their product is sold to.

7. White label agencies enjoy high customer retention rates

In the end, the goal of any business is to retain as many customers as possible. Due to the specific nature of the service provided by white label agencies, they can provide more engaging products to their clients. White label services like SAAS agencies also provide excellent after-sales support. This, in turn, translates to higher customer retention rates.

8. In 2020, product sales of private label agencies rose by 19.5 per cent

In 2020, the demand for sales of physical products from private or white label agencies rose by 19.5%. This number represents only the physically packaged goods and not digital goods. However, it can be assumed that the percentage is much higher for digital products. 

Since Covid-19 has compelled all businesses to digitize their model, white label services have become increasingly popular. Since white label agencies provide an alternative to both freelancers and self-trial-and-error, their services have become much more popular.

9. White label agencies are not the same as freelancers!

It is a common misconception that freelancers are the same as white label agencies. White label agencies usually include industry experts. For example, a content writing agency would include copywriters, content writers, SEO and SMO experts, etc. However, a freelancer has detailed knowledge about only a few of these roles. 

10. White label agencies are the best way to get a unique product

If you’re looking to build a unique product and launch it in a competitive market with little to no idea about the actual building process, white label agencies are the best solution. White label agencies have a curated team of specialists that are well-versed with the industry requirements. Furthermore, they are up to date with the recent trends and patterns of the market. 


By hiring a white label agency, you can gain access to a team of creative individuals. This is difficult to find if you’re hiring freelancers. This is also an excellent alternative to hiring an in-house team since they don’t require much management.

White label services can be hired directly or indirectly. Either way, there is no question that these agencies have a lot to offer in terms of talent, experience and skill. It is difficult to replicate the advantages of a white label agency with other digital marketing agencies or in-house teams. They can provide easily scalable services and don’t require a long-term contract.


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