Multitasking can be great at times, both for you and your brain, especially when you have a lot of tasks to do. If you have an Apple iPad Pro, Mini or iPad Air, multitasking can be a boon for you.

IPad has a split screen display feature that allows you to use or view two applications on one screen at the same time. Also known as a side-by-side function, the split screen display feature makes multitasking much easier than usual.

Apple iPad has a great built-in split screen display feature. Using a split screen view on your iPad can be quite confusing, but we’re here to save you. Read on to find out how to split screen on Apple iPad Pro, Mini or iPad.


What is Split View?

Split view is nothing more than a feature that allows you to view two windows side by side in a split screen mode.

You can use two applications at the same time without any inconvenience and easily transfer or use the information from one application to another.

It is one of the most useful features and you can use it simply by dragging the application icons such as Safri browser from left to right and adjusting the sizes at the same time.

How to enable split screen view on your iPad:

• Open an application you want to use or open first. Then click on the second application you want to open.

• Take the application, don’t press the application too long, it will open the homepage instead.

• Gently drag the second app up from the base so that the app floats on the screen.

• Then open the application and drag it to the right side of the screen.

• The screen will split into two parts if you drag the application to the right. You can adjust the divider and resize the app at any time.

• If you cannot find the application on the dock, choose the application or use it from the recent view on the screen and gently drag it back from the dock.

There you can multitask as much as you want for longer periods without any hassle. Wasn’t it that easy? Try the split view feature and let us know if you liked the Apple iPad feature.


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